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Tips for Finding a Reliable Plumber

by Melanie Peterson

Plumbing problems like dripping faucets, running toilets, leaky pipes, and clogged drains can cause more damage to your property if left unfixed or untreated. They can also be complicated or hard to fix on your own. That said, it’s best to contact a reliable plumber immediately when you see any indicators of plumbing issues. 

But finding a reliable plumber can be difficult, especially since there are plenty of plumbing companies in your area. So, to help you, here are some tips you should follow:

Tip 1: Use Your Network

Asking your friends or loved ones for recommendations is probably the easiest step you can take to find a reliable plumber. If you have neighbors, friends, or family members who have recently worked with a plumber, ask them about their experience. They’ll surely be more than willing to share their good and bad encounters with plumbers. 

You may also ask for referrals from your trusted HVAC or electrical contractor. These companies typically work hand in hand with plumbing companies in home construction and renovation projects. They may know a plumbing company that can help you.

Tip 2: Search the Internet

Another easy step you can take when looking for a plumber is by searching the Internet. All you have to do is key in “plumbers” or “plumbing companies” (or other relevant search terms) plus your location in a search engine. You’ll definitely get plenty of results. But you have to make sure you’re looking into legitimate sources. This way, you’re getting accurate and credible information.

Tip 3: Create a List of Your Options

Based on your loved one’s recommendations and the results you’ve got from the Internet, list down at least 10 of your prospect plumbers. It will serve as your guide while you’re still undecided about who to choose. If, for example, you have reasons to believe that the first name on your list isn’t the right one for you, you can always go back on your list and check out other potential plumbers.

Tip 4: Do Your Research

To help you narrow down your list of prospect plumbers, do some research about them. Nowadays, almost all businesses have their own websites and social media pages. So, there’s a high chance that most of your prospects have their own sites too. If they do, look into them. Check their licenses and certifications. Find out how long they have been in business and how many years of experience they have. 

Check their location and the services they offer as well. You may want to choose those who are nearest to your place and those who offer 24/7 emergency service. You never really know when you’ll be having a plumbing issue, so it would be best to know that your 24/7 emergency plumber will be there whenever you need help.

Tip 5: Compare Their Prices

The cost of having your plumbing problems fixed can be expensive, so the price is definitely a factor you should consider when looking for a plumber. Ask your prospects if they could provide you with a free estimate of how much you’ll have to pay. Make sure to ask as well for any other hidden charges. Compare their fees and choose those that you believe offer the most reasonable prices. 

Tip 6: Set Up an Appointment

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to at least three prospects, contact them and set up an appointment. You can schedule to meet with them in person. However, it might be best to do a phone or video conference for now to be safer amidst the pandemic.

During your call, feel free to ask the plumbers any questions you have in mind. They should be able to give you clear and complete answers. You may also take advantage of the time to negotiate. You can ask them if they could lower their prices, or if they could give you some discounts.

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