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Surya Namaskar For Beginners: How To Master The 12 Yoga Poses

by Melanie Peterson

Yoga is said to be an essential practice that everyone must do on an everyday basis. It is the oldest form of exercise which not only helps people to get stronger day by day but also helps them to keep their stamina throughout the period of time. Among the yoga poses, the Surya namaskar poses often seem to be the most inevitable and effective poses. Many experts believe that it is the most effective yet one of the most challenging poses introduced in yoga.

There are around 12 yoga poses in Surya Namaskar poses that one needs to master. If you are a beginner, then also you can master the same if you follow the given instructions related to the steps and practise it daily:

1. Pranamasana: this step of Surya Namaskar poses is also known as the prayer pose. To practice this, you need to stand near the end of your practice mat while keeping your feet together. Just relax and breadth in, and along with that, lift your arms from the sideways.

2. Hasta Uttanasana: This step is also known as the raised arm pose. To do this step, you need to raise your arms and back. But make sure that the biceps are near to your ears. After this, you need to make sure that you stretch your body from heels to fingertips. 

3. Hasta Padasana: This pose is also known as the hand-foot pose. Here you need to breathe out while bending forward by straightening your back. And then bring your hands down near your feet.

4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana: In this Surya Namaskar poses the step you need to push your right leg as back as possible and exhale simultaneously. Then try to bring your right knee close to the floor area and try to look up.

5. Dandasana: in this step, you need to inhale the air and try to keep your left leg back. And then bring your whole body in a straight line. 

6. Ashtanga Namaskara: in this sixth Surya namaskar pose, try to bring your knees down, exhale the air, and relax.

7. Bhujangasana: To do this step, you need to slide a little forward and raise your chin and chest in a cobra style. And look up slowly.

8. Parvatasana: Now, slowly lift your hip and down your chest to create a reciprocal V pose.

9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana: inhale and try to bring your right foot in between the two hands while bringing your knees down and slowly looking up to create pressure over your hip.

10. Hasta Padasana: It might help in breathing out and bringing your left foot forward while placing your hands on the ground.

11. Hasta Uttanasana: now roll your back up along with the hands and then try to bend a little bit backward. 

12. Tadasana: Now again, try to strengthen your back and body in a starting posture and then put your arms slowly and relax.

Yoga is the most effective primitive way of exercise, which often focuses on keeping the body and mind calm and quiet and often helps to increase the perfection skills. 

One also practices yoga to increase their concentration power. If you want more details about the Surya namaskar poses, please follow the given links.

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