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How Men Can Make a Statement with Jewellery

by Melanie Peterson

In today’s modern world, there are no longer rigid rules that restrict certain fashion trends to particular genders. What was once considered feminine or manly no longer matters, and it is more acceptable for men and women everywhere to wear what they want and accessorise with whatever they choose. Jewellery is an accessory that can be worn by all genders, and for men it is much more than a simple wedding band or a functional watch. Here are a few key pieces that can enhance your outfit and help you make a statement.

Stunning Ring

A wedding band is one of the most obvious forms of jewellery for men, but there are many other types of rings you can choose from. From rings embedded with gemstones and traditional signet rings worn on the pinky finger to sleek titanium bands with a matte finish, when it comes to a mens ring, there are a plethora of metals, styles and designs to choose from.

Sleek Cufflinks

Cufflinks are both stylish and functional and serve a purpose when worn with a suit. This type of jewellery was originally invented in the 1600s and was designed to hold the cuffs of a shirt together. They are typically found in silver and gold, but they are also available in other colours. Some are adorned with patterns and precious stones for ornamental purposes and can truly make you stand out from the crowd. Not to mention, cufflinks crafted with precious metals can be handed down to future generations as a family heirloom.

Chain Jewellery

Chain bracelets and necklaces are timeless. When made with high-quality materials and designed with the right clasp, they can last you a lifetime. Heavy link chain jewellery in gold and silver is a classic choice for many men and can be used for both daytime and evening attire to enhance your look. 

Eye-Catching Belt Buckle

Belt buckles do not typically spring to mind when thinking of jewellery, but they can be used to add aesthetic appeal to an outfit and help you make a statement just like any other accessory. Just like cufflinks, belts are popular as they serve both a functional yet decorative purpose. In addition to keeping your pants up, the right belt buckle can make or break your outfit. For example, a well-put-together suit will look shabby when paired with a canvas belt with a tarnished belt buckle. On the other hand, a leather belt with a flashy, eye-catching buckle can completely elevate your ensemble. Many belts feature an interchangeable buckle design, which means you can mix and match your materials to suit your chosen outfit of the day. 

Luxury Timepiece

A simple wristwatch might be sufficient for some people, but those who want to get noticed should invest in a beautifully crafted watch. For many, a luxury timepiece is a sign of wealth and will lend an upmarket feel to any outfit. A stunning wristwatch will allow you to tell the time in style.

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