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Sit Back and Relax: The Best Coffee Table Ideas For Your Home

by Melanie Peterson
Once you’re already done choosing your chairs and couches for your home, a coffee table is one of the best pieces of furniture that can help you pull your room instantly. Coffee tables are a place that you can use to put your books and a place to set your drink, but in today’s generation, they used it as a decorative, multifunctional, and a focal point for a living room.

Today is the right time to give you some sensible and easy ways to choose the perfect coffee table for your home.

Check The Location

The first thing that you will do is to decide and select the area on where do you want to place your coffee table. These will help you simplify the procedure and process in choosing the right coffee table for your home.

For example, if you’re going to put a coffee table in your children’s room, it should function as a modern, and colorful desk also. And if your coffee table is being placed in your living room, it should still compliment your décor.

Always Consider The Material 

Coffee tables come in a variety of choices and classifications too. The equipment or the elements like glass that is mix with steel or brass offers a more sophisticated and practical look. Wood such as maple, oak, walnut, or cherry has unique offerings too.

Maple and oak have a sleek finish look compared to cherry and walnut due to their formal finish. You always consider using a Lucite because it helps to make your coffee table appear like it’s floating in the room.

Choose Your Style

The second step that you need to do is to select a unique form of a coffee table that you like. The type that you should choose must also be in accordance or harmony to the style of your room and your furniture pieces.

If you want to choose a traditional style, try to select coffee tables made from veneer, solid, hardwood or brass.  Also, contemporary coffee tables crafted from leather, stone, glass or metal.

Size Matter 

After choosing your style, the next thing that you should consider and determine is the size your coffee table. The height of the table should not be lower than 1 to 2 inches from your couch.
The size of your coffee table matters. The standard height of a coffee table is 16 to 18 inches, and a higher sofa also requires a taller table. A taller table is more convenient to use if you have lots of visitors because it will be easier for your guests to set down.


The shape of your table always dictates the look or theme of the area. The typical go-to shapes for coffee tables include oval, round, rectangle or square. Oval and round coffee table are perfect for a sectional seating. Also, a box or square coffee tables are also ideal for an L shaped seating arrangement.

Consider Your Budget

The price points for most coffee tables are expensive, although there are budget-friendly ones, they are mostly secondhand. Thus, before you start your shopping, plan and be particular about the details of the item that you want to buy.

You can even have a list of references for the kind of coffee table that you want to maximize your allotted budget. One good starting point to hunt for stylish and quality coffee tables is Focus on Furniture.

Make sure that your budget will assign into different areas like lighting, furniture, and accessories. Your furniture item should also include the side tables, sofa, coffee table and chairs with a more significant portion assigned to more significant pieces.


Choosing the right coffee table for your home needs proper planning and process. Besides being functional furniture, they are also known to play a significant role in your home décoration and spruce up just about any space in your home.

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