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Planning a Trip? Tips For Picking A Good Hotel Online

by Melanie Peterson

It is the basis of many comedy shows. A family books a hotel with a great view, only to arrive and find it is next to a building site. It is not a great way to start a relaxing excursion.

So, how do you choose a suitable hotel for you and your family online? It can seem like a lot of work to put in before going away. However, this article has highlighted some tips to help you avoid disappointment. After all, you want to relax on your vacation!


When choosing a hotel, it is important as a starting point to consider what it is that you require. 

Are the breakfasts free? Do you want a more intimate feel? Or do you simply want to be left to your own devices by staff? 

If you are looking for a luxury hotel like the Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Maui has, are you willing to pay a bit more for this? Know that it could be worth it. Look at the special offers to see if you can save but still enjoy luxury. 

Make a list with your travel companions of what you want from this trip. Then search hotels in your desired location to find them.


When looking online or reading about vacations from hell, it is often due to issues with amenities. 

So, when looking for a hotel, be sure to check that the resorts offer the big four to make your trip better. Air conditioning (especially if the hotel is in a warm country) is number one. Parking is important, as this can cost money if you can’t park on the hotel site. Next is Wi-Fi, as you will want to be able to access the internet while on your trip. Finally, is the breakfast that the hotel offers part of the cost of the room? After all, you don’t want to incur additional fees on your bill!

How do you find this out? Check reviews and the hotel website. When booking a room, many sites include whether it has Wi-Fi and if breakfast is included. 


Following on from the aforementioned point, it won’t hurt to check the hotels’ websites. This is an easy way to get an idea of how the hotel looks. It also allows you to get access to that all-important information. 

Take note of how the website looks too. Is it well-laid-out? Has the hotel spent a lot of money on it? Or is it a bit glitchy? Such details can highlight how much the hotel wants to impress its guests. 


When you are traveling, location is important. If you are booking a room for a concert in a different city, you don’t want to stay in an out-of-the-way hotel. 

The hotel’s website can offer hints about the location, but it is best to check on a map. If a hotel is 10 minutes from the Tower Of London, this may relate to the time it takes to travel there from the hotel by bus, not by walking. 

So be sure to look up the location on a map before booking. 


Reviews published in the last year will also provide you with an insight into each hotel. Aim to look at independent review sites and not the hotels, as they want to focus on the best reviews, so it can be a bit biased!

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