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Modern Decorating Ideas for Kid’s Rooms

by Melanie Peterson

Decorating a kid’s room comes with plenty of options and a lot of brainstorming. Choosing one theme, or a specific colour of the walls can seem like a never-ending assignment, but with our little help, you’ll have no trouble designing a perfect kid’s room. As long as you keep your little one’s character and behaviour in mind, you’ll be able to put together a fabulous interior design that your child will enjoy at least for a few years.

Careful with wall colours

If you’re expecting and you don’t know the sex of the baby yet, then going with neutral colours is the safest bet. That can also be a good strategy if your child is already walking and needs their nursery to grow into a kid’s room. Colours such as white, beige, eggshell, ivory and yellow will work well with the rest of the décor and allow you to mix and match cost-effective furniture and décor as the years go by. Think of a light-yellow accent wall to contrast the white ones and add a dose of warmth to the room. With a light grey carpet that features white and black tones, the kid’s room will start to look more put together. From there, you can build a unique décor based on your kid’s wishes, or your own if the child is still too young to express their likings.

Create enough space for playing

When they’re not sleeping or eating, children love to spend their time playing. So, to make their days as fun as possible, be sure to have a designated playing station for your child to enjoy their playtimes. Has your little one shown interest in Legos? Get them an entire Lego collection and set a specific spot with furry carpets or foam mats, where they can play all afternoon long. Do they maybe like to draw? Setting up a small desk with a few chairs in the centre of their room with all the crayons, paper and other necessities will look fabulous with the rest of the décor. Many children enjoy reading overplaying, so having a cosy reading nook with a canopy, a soft fur throw rug, and several fluffy pillows will take your kid’s breath away.

Set up the bed area

The kid’s bedroom’s primary purpose is for them to rest and have sweet dreams in it. That’s why you’ll have to make sure that their crib or bed when they’re older are perfectly comfortable and big enough for them to sleep tight. Once you have the bed set up, start looking for nursery décor items such as blankets, throw pillows, quilts and similar pieces that will offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. When you bring your newborn into the nursery, you’ll want them to be warm enough with a quality blanket and safe from any injuries with appropriate crib accessories.

Add plenty of storage space

Plan for enough storage space early on when you start setting up the nursery. Unless you plan to move within a few years, you’ll want to know exactly where you can incorporate closet space and potential double-duty furniture. With so many toys and school supplies, plus clothes and other necessities, your child will need every inch of their room to be used wisely. Hooks, wall-hugging book rails, under-the-bed storage crates, and furniture with built-in storage will be invaluable in your kid’s room. Ottomans with built-in storage will be a perfect addition to your little one’s room, as it will hold all of their toys and serve as additional seating when their friends are over.

Create an inspirational homework area

Aside from sleeping and playing, kids will also do their homework and study in their room. For that purposes, you should also come up with creative homework area ideas, that won’t take up much space but will look cute at the same time. If you need a space-saving option, consider a wall-mounted desk. It will offer ample space for arts and craft projects and homework assignments without taking up the precious floor space. Another good option for small rooms is to think vertically and add a built-in loft bed that will feature a homework station underneath. You can always invest in a loft bed with a built-in desk in case you cannot afford a built-in bed. If, on the other hand, you have space galore, consider a built-in closet option that you’ll transform into a built-in workspace. The kid can spend hours in a creative cubby studying, and simply close it off and tidy away when friends need to come over for a playdate.

Include their favourites into the décor

Another important factor in creating a modern room for your child is to take their wishes into consideration. Do they love Paw Patrol cartoon? Make sure there are pillowcases, frames, and toys that feature Paw Patrol characters. Is your little princess in love with Elsa and can’t stop gushing over Frozen? Have the canopy for her reading nook feature icy details and turn her room into a little Frozen kingdom she’ll never want to leave.

Final thoughts

Setting up a modern kid’s room can seem like a challenge at first. However, once you know what your kid wants and take a look at all of our suggestions, you won’t have to think too much about where to start. You’ll be able to decorate the most fabulous room a kid has ever had. And your little one will adore you for it.

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