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Live Chat vs Chat Bots: Optimizing Your Customer Service for a Delightful Experience

by Melanie Peterson

 Technology is slowly penetrating each and every aspect of our lives. Naturally businesses are leaving no stones unturned to make the most of this. 

For any business to thrive, it is vital that they provide a robust customer support. Now the modern businesses are looking for innovative ways for improving and simplifying the customer experience when in the real time they look out for solving the queries.

As improving the customer service is the motive for every business, some businesses try live chat and some others just go for the chatbots.

So What are Live Chat and Chatbot? 

Live Chat – The Live Chat permits the users to connect with the sales reps for getting the real time support. It is the most proactive channel. Almost 70% of the consumers prefer live chat and a majority of the people who engage with the chat platform are likely to return again to a particular website and generate conversions in future. Live chat is an integral part of the customer satisfaction program for businesses and offers higher conversions than the phones and emails. With this you can enhance the key metrics of support like average time of resolution, first response time and so on.   

Primary Benefits 

  • Solves complex queries and provides effective solutions 
  • Enables agents to handle multiple chats and route them to the right team for faster support.  

Chatbot – With chatbots you dig deeper. Chatbot is essentially designed for enhancing the customer experience by automating the customer support and sales. Bots always remain on for engaging with the customers and solve simple queries and pre-qualify the leads by asking simple questions. Bots can engage with customers across with the apps, sites and even the messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 

Primary Benefits 

  • Are always active.  They can offer customer support 24/7 * 365 days. 
  • Can be scaled easily with no upper limit and hence they tackle challenges like dearth of support team and sudden enhancement in volume seamlessly. 
  • Less prone to errors and offer fast and accurate results. 

So which one is better suited for your business? Here are some points to discuss. 

1. Cost Effectiveness –

a) If yours is a start-up and the cost happens to be the business’ key factor, the chatbot is the best solution. 

b) You should only opt for Live Chats when the customers look out for any query that is complicated. 

2. Time of Response – 

a) Happy customers are the key for businesses and that is why a delayed response time can spell doom. If the business calls for response within half a minute then having the chatbot as the first contact can be ideal for the business.

b) If your customers do not mind waiting and prefer a human touch then having a live chat should be preferred.

c) You can organise conversations with chatbots for repetitive questions by the customers and route the complex queries for meeting the expectations of customers.  

3. Accuracy – 

a) If the business calls for handling FAQs faster with little human intervention, chatbots are the best solution for first-level interactions.

b) If customers reach out with complicated questions the live chats should be the first choice. Having both the solutions can help you get a customised solution for your business.

4. Customer Satisfaction –

a) Live chat is a better communication channel for dealing with the comprehensive queries of customers. The complicated queries can be handled with personalised explanation through this. 

b) Implementation of chatbots may have negative effects on certain businesses in regards to the customer satisfaction. You can analyse the performance over the ROI of your business by measuring the customer satisfaction metrics. On the basis of the insights you can balance the usage of chatbots and live chats. 

So in order to deliver a delightful customer service the experts of renowned web development company opine that you should use both the live chat and chatbot in balance to offer better customer experience and bring forth the best of both worlds for them. This is definitely going to make your customers come back to you time and again and help you achieve a solid customer base.

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