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Join An Image Consulting Institute & Choose A Different Career

by Melanie Peterson

In recent years, the youth are moving toward following their passions rather than choosing the traditional career paths. In the past few years, we saw the rise of different and creative career paths, like stylists, influencers, gamers, YouTubers, and so and so. 

Among such careers, one is an image consultant. Although this career option has existed in the industry for a long time, only a few paid any heed to it. However, when the new generation is finally ditching the mainstream career options, it has been observed that people are considering joining an image consulting institute.

What is image consulting?

A professional field where the main focus is on improving the client’s professional and personal image through communication, appearance, and behavior. Their clients go through training to improve their overall images for a particular social event. 

The image consultants mainly have their expertise in fashion and marketing. The image consultant focuses on the personal style, body language, dressing sense, and etiquette. They work on their clients’ communication skills and how they should or should not dress.

The range of clients is not only limited to individuals. Companies can also be their clients. But the most important clients of any image consultant are generally politicians and executives. 

Is an image consultancy a good career?

No one can tell you which career path is good for you; only you get to decide that. If you see yourself teaching people how to speak properly or guiding them on how to dress and you are comfortable with it, then sure go for it. 

Many big names hire an image consultant to always keeping them in check. It is a very good career choice if you know what you are doing. 

The image consultants’ payments vary from client to client. The new consultant in the working field can charge an amount of INR 7,500 – 15,000 per appointment. On the other hand, an experienced image consultant will charge somewhere from INR 25,000-50,000 per appointment.

How to become an image consultant?

The easy and efficient way will be to join an image consultant institute. Joining an institute will allow you to access various image consultant programs; also, you can get a bit of exposure. 

Some people may also pursue a public relations or mass communication course. If you are going to be self-employed, then a degree in marketing and finance may come in handy. Everything else will be informed to you by the Image Consultant Bangalore.

Once you complete your course or training program, it is better to gain work experience through internships or other projects. Finally, you can join an organization or consultancy firm when you become a full-fledged image consultant.

Is a personal stylist the same as an image consultant?

No, they are not. There is a vast difference between a personal stylist and an image consultant. 

The main focus of a personal stylist is the clothing aspect of their clients. They focus on how their client should dress, what shoes they should wear, what color shades suit their clients the most. 

They also work on their clients’ makeup look. The sole purpose of a personal stylist is to make their clients’ outfits on point. 

Whereas an image consultant will work on their dressing sense and everything about them. They train their clients in public speaking and demeanor. The image consultant will groom their clients, perfecting all of their traits, and make them presentable personally. Many public figures seek the help of an image consultant.

As a matter of fact

Image consultancy has become a glamorous career path, and many people are opting for it. People are enrolling themselves in various training programs and looking forward to becoming an image consultant.

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