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How to Hire and Fire Like a Boss

by Melanie Peterson

Filtering out the right and wrong employees for your business is one of the most integral parts of your role as a boss. Employees can often make or break a business, and when it comes down to it, having the perfect team of people around you to support and help your business grow is always ideal. 

If you have been looking to expand your business’ team, or on the flip side, are starting to have doubts about a few team members, keep reading to find out how you can hire and fire like a boss.

Top 3 Hiring Tips

As exciting as the hiring process is, it can become quite time consuming if you do not take the correct steps. Keep a record of the following tips to make sure that your next hire will become a great addition to your business’ team!

1. Clearly define the open position’s role and your expectations

More often than not, bosses will go into the hiring process blind, without clearly defining their future hire’s role in the business, nor settling on their expectations of their new hire. Planning out your new hire’s position in the business is integral to finding the right candidate, as well as managing their transition into the company. 

This is especially important if your team is a small one, as your new employee needs to understand their exact role in their business and how they can affect the backend of the business’ operations. They will also need to understand how their role fulfills your business needs.

2. Consider employee referrals

Before posting your job advertisement on a large public platform, keep your hiring process a bit more private by giving employee referrals a go. Ask around your business community (e.g. partnered businesses or your own employees) for employee recommendations, as they are also aware of what your business needs in a new hire, in addition to providing a fresh perspective. 

3. Be transparent during the hiring process

A relationship between an employer and a potential employee is a two way street. Just like you want to find the perfect employee for your business, your candidates also want to work with their most suitable employer.

As such, it is important to be transparent about your business goals, your business’ working environment as well as other company conditions a candidate may be exposed to once they become an employee. By being transparent, you can also filter out any candidates who may not be qualified for the position, committed to your business’ goals, or those who are simply uninterested in the role. 

Letting Go of Your Employees

If an employee is underperforming in their role despite you providing time, opportunities and advice to improve, it may be time to let them go. Letting an employee go is a difficult decision to make for any boss, and it is extremely important that you do it right by both the employee and your business. 

When letting go of an employee, make sure that you follow all the guidelines as detailed in their employment contract. If in doubt, consult with a business lawyer (preferrably the one who helped you draft your contracts in the first place) to make sure that you fulfill your legal obligations as an employer.

Hiring and firing are two of the most important processes a boss should know how to conduct. To curate the perfect team for your business while simultaneously directing your business on the path to success, be sure to understand how you can hire and fire like a boss.

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