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How to Choose Glasses That Suit You

by Melanie Peterson

You have joined the ‘needing glasses’ club! Welcome! But you might not know the first thing about getting a pair that are going to suit your face shape or enhance your features.

In short of you trying on every pair in the shop, and then once again for good measure, you might wonder how you are going to find the right pair for you.

Well, this piece has been designed to help you understand the fundamentals of choosing a glasses shape that will suit your face and bring out your best features instead of squashing them.

Read on to find out these top tips!

Understand Your Face Shape 

Your face shape will essentially determine what style of glasses and even hairstyles that will look best on you. This does not mean you have to wear this style and only that, but if the styles you love coincide with the styles that suit you, this could be an excellent fast track to getting your hands on your first pair. 

There are six main face shapes:

  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Round
  • Diamond
  • Oblong
  • Square

And what these suggest is how your features sit on your face as well as its shape. For example, if you are a heart shape, you are more likely to have a little widow’s peak or point in your hairline, your face comes down into a ‘point’, and you have a focus on a wider forehead and prominent cheekbones. In this case, glasses that have rectangular, cat eye, or oval frames balance out the face. That being said, heart-shaped faces do get away with suiting a range of styles, so you do not have to just focus on these.

Glasses Size

Glasses size, for the most part, will be personal preference. You may obviously not want your specs to drown out your face, but from a fashion point of view, this could be a good look.

The oversized glasses look has been in for some while now, and it is still prominent. 

The same goes for smaller frames. While ideally, you want them to balance out your proportions, you might enjoy experimenting with certain trends. As long as you enjoy how they look – that is all that matters. Just make sure they fit on your face well and do not slip off – it can be very irritating and even dangerous for glasses to not sit in the right place consistently or to fall off. If you want a couple of pairs, so you mix and match up your look, then grab yourself a Pair Eyewear Coupon so you can get yourself a great deal for less. 

Use a Virtual Try On

Thanks to modern technology, we do not actually have to leave our bed to find out if an array of glasses suits us. Use a virtual ‘try on’ software to try on any glasses you like the look of. This is usually done by using your computers camera or an image – then, when you have narrowed your choices down, you can try them on in real life. 

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