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How to Build an Email Marketing List as Quickly as Possible

by Melanie Peterson

“Email is a push channel, so we need to push it to work harder”~Kath Pay

Looking for ways to create a great email marketing list to make your business grow? 

Being a marketer you must probably know that email is one of the finest communication channels today. As they help in developing a good relationship with the customers. Emails help in sharing your story, promoting business, and telling what products do you have to offer. 

However, the key that would help you in making your business grow is the size and quality of your email marketing list. Now the way to create a beneficial marketing list needs some strategies to follow and in this article, we are going to guide you on how you can create one. So just keep reading.

1) Pop-up on Your Website

Pop-ups usually seem annoying if they come as soon as you open the website, often leading the user to switch to another page. In this case, we are talking about pop-up ads that come after a certain amount of time. When the user has gone through little information on the page and as he scrolls down for further information, he receive s a pop-up. 

If they find your page and company interesting surely they are going to enter their email and continue with the reading. Moreover, you can also include exit pop-ups that appear when the user tries to leave the page.

2) Checkout or Signing process

If you own a business in which you sell products online, then you can easily use your email signup or checkout forms to avail email of the customers. As in the buying process, people are asked to put their name, address, and email as a checkout process. 

In this way, you would be able to access the email of loyal and authentic customers that may come again. You can email them your new products, improvements that have been made, and discounted offers. Allowing you to make a relationship with your customers that may end up in the long-term.

3) CTA (call-to-action) for blog or landing pages

Call-to-action plays a significant role in a blog or landing page as it provides guidance and related content that the visitor needs. Rather through CTA, he would find the relevant information that is helpful and beneficial. 

It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task, you can offer an e-book, a short quiz, or an article related to the content they were researching on. It has also been found that CTA that is personalized has a 42% higher view to submission rate than the CTA that is the same for all the visitors.

4) Contact Form can Help

Most online businesses usually have contact forms that help them know their customers better. Like the UK essay writing service have got the form generated at their website and have 24/7 service in order to answer queries and resolve customer issues if any. 

In this way, they know everything about the customer on a personal level and are able to come up with solutions that is going to live up to their expectations. It also has a subscribe tick box, which is a great way to capture emails. Moreover, the people that are entering their information already is interested in what you’re offering.

5) Discount Offers

If you are businessman that sells products online, then adding a discount offer pop-up along with other valuable deals can help you in getting an email list of interested customers. As for the first place, the user is interested in your product and if they see any deal that can help them in saving money. It would surely make them sign-up for it. 

Mention the detail and price that would be reduced and how they will be able to get insight into the offers if they provide you with their email address.

6) Subscribe Form

It is a short and effective strategy that can help you in grabbing potential user emails. As it is related to the content they have been looking for. Like someone is looking for “How to get higher conversion rates on landing pages”. If they see a newsletter claiming, Get help to boost your conversion rates. 

The user would definitely get interested and subscribe to the newsletter, as it is short and relevant. Besides, not requiring much time to complete it. 7dollaressay provides essay writing services and in their essay, they pop-up with a subscribe form, so that users can easily get to know their work and what they are offering. Eventually which helps them in creating a marketing list of potential customers.

7) Email Newsletter on Social Media Accounts

A lot of people come up with a paid promotion, which usually gets ignored and seems annoying. However, if you share email newsletters on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It would be appreciated, as you already have loyal collections on the social accounts. People already know, what you do and like you. 

So why not use these connections in order to create a productive email list. If you don’t have many followers, you can also seek help from social media groups. As they have a huge following and comprised of people belonging to diverse backgrounds. You can moreover, include a link in your email signature and that link would directly to your email newsletter, or it can also be a link to a blog about your company along with an email subscription CTA. 

Now that you have gone through all the strategies that can be implemented in order to improve your marketing list as quickly as possible. Start implementing them today and generate a welcome email that automatically sends as soon as people subscribe. You can use this opportunity to promote your newest products and offers, success stories, what new you are going to introduce into the market, discounted offers, or simply thank the customers to become your new subscribers.

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