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How Can YouTube Help You Learn English Speaking?

by Melanie Peterson

YouTube is a free video streaming platform that offers free language courses to beginner, intermediate, and advanced level learners. The teachers either have a school or college certification.

Moreover, most YouTubers tend to teach a language like English, German, Spanish, etc., through examples. Therefore, it helps retain the communication guidelines for the long term, compared to channels that only offer lessons.

5 Ways YouTube Can Help to Learn English Speaking

● Watch Videos Covering English Language Rules

Besides watching English movies, and TV shows, learning directly through English videos covering various language rules can enhance skills. These could affect the writing, listening, reading, and speaking skills of the language.

However, spoken English learners must adhere to these grammar rules to avoid making common mistakes in public or with friends and family members. The best method would include finding the best videos based on rating through the search filters.

● Add Multiple Videos to the Schedule

A common mistake made by English language learners is following a single channel for improving language skills. Different YouTube channels offer specific expertise videos. Therefore, following a single channel doesn’t fulfill a self-learner requirement.

Some of the most prominent channels for learning spoken English include WifiStudy, Simpli English, FluentU, and BBC English. However, before moving ahead with any of these or other channels, decide which form of English works in your country. For example, most people use U.S. and British English in India.

● Choose the Best YouTubers

Just like adding multiple videos of different YouTubers benefits the learning skills. Similarly, subscribing to different YouTube channels proves useful. At the time, you receive a notification regarding an unfamiliar or a known topic.

In either case, it becomes essential to check the current level of skills. You can even submit a form, participate in a live event, or create a short story tagging the channel. Therefore, you can keep improving your English language skills while keeping in contact with the channel owners.

● Join Live Streams

Joining live streams is one of the best methods of learning spoken English. Many YouTubers take tours or conduct online Q&A sessions. Fortunately, they often wait for the responses of the participants before providing the answer.

Meanwhile, during an online tour, you learn about the spoken English skills like fluency, pronunciation, etc. Therefore, you improve your English listening skills while watching the video. Additionally, if you practice spoken English with the tour guide, you improve specific spoken English skills.

● Practice and Submit Assignments

Although many YouTubers provide forms and questionnaires under the description, it may not affect spoken English skills. However, diligently making YouTube shorts as an assignment can prove useful.

Moreover, you can even tag the YouTube channel and mention that you have submitted it as part of the assignment under the description. By doing so, you can improve your language skills. Additionally, you can ask to join as a learner during a live stream. Therefore, the teacher might send an invite during the session.

Here is the list of best youtube channel to learn english.

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