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Health Benefits of Honey

by Melanie Peterson

The factual opening statement for the honey is from ancestors to our cunning descendants—honey has been the food but as well as the medicine. The health benefits of honey are integral, characteristic features of high energy are evolved from the fact that they are composed from glucose—containing more sugar than water, mostly in the form of fructose molecules.

The Sunny Side of Honey

Rather than one puts honey on their pan cakes, is just robust for the health—here, we will be getting insights of different factual health concerns from the honey. These are;

Contain Antioxidants

Honey being oriented from the array of plants contain certain chemicals that act as antioxidants. Although, the body has their own system of antioxidants working mainly against the free radicals. The help done by antioxidants thru honey;

  • Free radicals are responsible for aging and cells getting dead in the body—antioxidants keep the number of free radicals in a check, so that no luminary damage can be done.
  • The antioxidants preservatives are crucially important to prevent the body from the un-managed cell damages. 
  • The polyphenols (antioxidants compounds) in the honey plays a certain role in preventing the different heart diseases. 

Work as Antibacterial

The bacteria are a regular invader in our body and the elimination of it, should be kept in skeptical scale otherwise, it will only cause diseases and different health problems. The research has shown that raw honey kills unwanted bacteria from the body. this is because;

  • The honey contains antiseptic chemical—hydrogen peroxide.
  • The hydrogen peroxide delivers the fanatic elimination of bacteria from the body. 
  • Purity and source of honey variates the amount of antiseptic.
  • Still the average ones are likewise the remedy for infections. 

Antifungal Properties

The fungus in the body is completely and the unnecessary growth causes harsh allergies and fungal problems. Now, the question may arise the “how honey help against the fungus?” it does;

  • The hydrogen peroxide acts as antiseptic in the honey—it eliminates the fungus molecules.
  • The reports have shown the honey has antifungal activity against C albicans and dermatophytes. 

Better Wound Healing

A sort of honey—Mauka honey is apprehensible used in the medical retreats in counter to the wounds. The honey has proven to be effective in the germ-killing processes.  

  • Studies has shown that the wound healing process boost up. 
  • The side is not limited to the better healing but the ratio of infection is likewise getting decreased.

The mindful fact about treating honey to the wound, that honey in the nursing centers or hospitals are sterile and thoroughly inspected. The raw or one that you buy from the store would not be suitable for the direct intact as they can contain contaminating elements.  

Better Immunity 

The honey has significantly shown that the user who was taking it regularly matured the immunity system and has a less tendency to abbreviate diseases. The reason noted behind this factor was the phytonutrients present in the honey. As the certain characteristics are;

  • The phytonutrients aggressively contain the antioxidants properties, thus working against the dying cell ratios. 
  • They likewise work ass antibacterial and antifungal—dealing in with the bacterial and fungal particulates thus, helping in the immunity system. 
  • The phytonutrients in the honey give the anticancer benefits—acting in order to be immune against certain cancer elements. 

The amount of intake needs to be in a balanced stature—as it is said “excess of everything is bad” thus, the excess intake destroys these valuable nutrients.

Choosing the Right Honey

All above the benefits of honey, it would only yield when the honey would be pure, and for that in this time, it is hard to find the true source. Here, our experts have carved out the best honey in the world;

Best Brand Honey in the World

Helpful for Digestive Operativity

The distinct quality of kicking off the digestive fatigues and making it much smoother is another pro of using a lateral amount of honey in the food—but just as the remedy. The digestive track can adhere some common issues such as diarrhea. They also help as;

  • The honey is potent prebiotic—that means they stabilizes the bacteria that is needed for digestion of certain food in the intestine. 
  • The feature nourishes the bacteria, crucially acting helpful in better digestion, thus maintaining a better overall health.  

Good for Ulcer Treatment

Although, there isn’t much research done over this feature of honey but in them where it has—showed that it is helpful against the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, a recurrent cause of stomach ulcers. 

Soothing to Sore Throat

Isn’t it being obvious to the mother giving a spoonful of honey whenever you get cold! Well, yes that really used to work right, making the person feeling better, over all soothing to the health. The other way of getting it thru the hot tea with lemon added honey, when the cold virus comes in. The remedies are mystically working—not mystically but logically, here’s why;

  • The honey has antibacterial characteristics that help in the kill bacteria and relief pain right away. 
  • The studies have proved that the honey works in competent to dextromethorphan—that is chemically generated cough medication ingredient.

Honey is much natural and has more benefits than straight medication, taking one or two spoons of pure honey helps straightly. 

The Dark Side of Honey

As when a thing has benefits there are cons too. The ratio totally depends on the sort and situation. In the honey, the above-mentioned essentials are soothing from it, but in addition to that the raw honey can likewise be harmful in some manner. 


As the honey contain clostridium Botulinum, it can verily affect the babies under the age of 1 year. The intake for the infants is particularly dangerous as they can cause botulism poisoning. The main symptoms that include constipation, breathing problems, absence of gagging, downward spreading paralysis, lethargy etc. 


As for the adults, the conditions are not critically but still can be severe. The main problems that can be caused are diarrhea and vomiting—followed by constipation. Then, the descending to burry visions and weakness in muscles. It is strongly recommended to visit a doctor if one observes these symptoms especially after eating the raw honey. 


Whether it is spreading over the bread or just pouring over the pan cakes—the health benefits of honey are just integral. they contain anti-oxidant nutrients that work against the free radical, thus maintaining an inhibition against unnecessary cell deaths. The honey act as the antibacterial and anti-fungal against certain bacteria, & fungal infections. The quality that is most concerning about the honey is its soothing nature to throat. The long-lasting harsh coughs can be retreated by one or two handful spoons of honey. As anything has some cons hidden right there, for the honey, there are not much but it contains bacteria that is if given to the infants—babies under 1 year, can be harmful to them.

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