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Complete Your Look With 5 Types Of Shoes

by Melanie Peterson

In the words of Christian Louboutin, who is a world-renowned shoe designer with a massive fan following and celebrity clientele,

Shoes transform your body language. They lift you physically and emotionally

A great pair of shoes not only provide comfort and ease but are also a great way of self-expression. Your confidence and self-esteem are significantly altered by the kind of footwear you own. If you think there are no perfect shoes, then you are mistaken. Footwear items are considered one of the most important parts of your overall look. Many famous designers are also known to give great importance to shoes to bring out a stunning look. So is the case with many individuals as they give utmost importance to the pair of shoes they own.

DSW is your one-stop shop for that perfect shoe which is an instant confidence booster. Whether it is classy pumps or high-end stilettos, there is something for everyone. The brand has a big assortment of footwear items which is hard to find at any other retailer in the market. 

As we speak of the best or the perfect pair of shoes, let us guide you about the five types of shoes that are a mandatory staple for every woman.

1. Black Pumps

Timeless and classy, they are perfect, indispensable, and provide great mileage! Be it a formal day at work, a night out with friends, or a red-carpet event, there is no way you can go wrong with these beauties.

No matter what color dress you plan to wear or the style you plan to carry, these classic black pumps go well with practically anything in your closet.

There is a variety of options within the black pumps based on the texture, height, style, and budget that allow limitless opportunities for you to explore and have fun with. 

From pointed-toe and round-toe to suede, matt leather, and D’Orsay, have fun exploring the different types to create classy looks.

2. Ankle-strap Sandals

A pair of stylish-looking ankle-strap shoes can transform even your most basic dresses to drop-dead gorgeous. Whether it is sandals or high heels, these make for extremely comfortable footwear that qualify it as a necessity.

These shoes best compliment women who have long legs or a tall frame and maybe a definite no for women on the shorter side as they make your legs seem smaller.

This, however, should not stop you from getting the cutest ankle strap in the store. Go for a style with some height to complete that perfect look for any occasion.

3. Ankle Boots

Although ankle boots have been a classy trend in the fashion industry, the year 2021 has particularly brought forward this style of shoes to the forefront.

Mid-calf or knee-high boots are the latest shoe style being flaunted all over Instagram by every celebrity and fashion influencer. The popular color in this style is cream and white both look so stylish.

These shoes are best paired with short silhouettes, mini dresses, and skinny jeans or leggings.

4. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are always a style statement that keeps re-emerging now and then. This makes them an essential shoe style in the running year.

Designers keep coming up with new iterations of this shoe style to make them the perfect accessory that binds your look together.

Whether that’s mules, quilted flats, slingbacks, or classic ballet flats, they make for a comfortable style statement for the modern woman on the go. 

Ballet shoes with different textures, slim-shape, and tassels are the popular style this year.

5. Metallic heels

A great way to be the center of attention at every event each time is with metallic heels!

There is no way you can go unnoticed in a crowd with these stellar stilettos that are both classy and chic. These dazzling silver, gold, or holographic heels can elevate your regular outfit to a more defined and glamorous look that is perfect for a big night or a red carpet.

They are perfect when paired up with pleated metallic skirts, or other accessories that belong to the same family of metallic hues. You can further make a style statement by dropping metallic heels for metallic boots! 

High-waisted jeans with these boots will make for a stylish ensemble that is trendy, stylish, and sure to be a cause of envy amongst your peers!

Final Thought

Although preference differs with each individual, the importance of a nice pair of shoes remains almost unchanged. Thinking to nail a particular look without a perfect pair of shoes that complement the overall attire is out of point. And this goes equally for men and women both. If you want to stand out in the crowd with a mid-boggling look, it is advisable to always think about the complete look but not just the dress. A complete look, complemented by a nice pair of shoes, is much more than the beauty of the dress only.

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