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Best Supplement for Muscle Recovery

by Melanie Peterson
The contraction and relaxation of muscles with the help of gliding filament theory is very normal concept about which everyone is mindful. This process of gliding filament of protein actin and myosin on each other to help muscles to undergo contraction and relaxation is assisted by minerals like zinc and magnesium. A lack or deficiency of these protein in our body sometimes leave our muscle in one state either contraction or relaxation. But in my fitness trends there are many supplements that help the recovery of muscles to their normal position and contains abundant amount of zinc and magnesium. You can use these supplements while building your body muscles or in normal time as well to get rid of any muscle twitch. Here are some Supplements mentioned below which are suggested by experts. Have a look at them:

Best Supplement for Muscle Recovery

1. Amino acid Lucine and Valine containing supplement

Amino acids are the basic unit for the formation of proteins in body and protein further help in the building of muscles. So the deficiency of amino acids means deficiency of protein. Actin and myosin filaments are also proteins and their sliding cannot be possible with lack of essential amino acid in the body. So you should take Lucine, glutamine and Valine containing supplements. All these are essential amino acids require by our body daily for the normal functioning of muscles.

2. Whey Protein

A white colour substance which could be easily available from the market is very helpful for recovering muscles from long twitches normally or after heavy workout. The pain that you experience after workout in your muscles area like back of the thigh and upper arm could be vanished only by whey protein and its substitute.

3. Sucrose or dextrose sugar rich products 

Sucrose is a long chain sugar or carbohydrate we can say, which is a source of energy to recover muscles from contraction. There are many sources of sucrose, and easily available as well. Do not avoid using them as supplementary to your diet, if you want to get rid of that dire pain from muscle contraction from long time.

4. Vitamin containing Supplements

Vitamin contribute a lot in the mechanism of muscles contraction and relaxation, so ignoring them to include as supplement in the diet is definitely going you to put under major problems. Their sources are many but if you don’t want to fill your stomach with carrot, broccoli, etc. it is better to have multi vitamin tablets daily to fill this requirement.

5. Green tea Leaves

Green tea has many positive use in it, not only as a muscle building supplement but at the same time it is an overall health maintain product. Many physicians suggest their patient to have at least one cup of green tea on daily basis that will help to boost their health. It has been become one of the most eye catching supplements for fitness trainer in the gymnasium to suggest their members.

So read these points carefully and follow as well to override the problem of muscle twitch.

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