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9 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas in 2021

by Melanie Peterson

Who does not want a beautiful, well-decorated place to live? But the main constraint here comes with the budget. Not everyone has the kind of budget to renovate their home all the time but, who said you can’t improve your place without having a high budget? In this article, we have combined multiple ways to style your place without putting a dent in your pocket.

Incorporate Colors:

Colors have a huge impact on our mood. They have the power to stimulate our mood and make us feel happier, motivated, peaceful, and whatnot! A Pretty sky blue color soothes the eyes and stimulates peace within us. A bunch of beautiful yellow flowers makes us feel energetic. Similarly painting your walls is a very economical way of adding colors and uplifting your mood. Red and violet depict energy. Yellow and green make us feel happy whereas blue is the color which makes us calm.

Swap out your throw pillows:

Another cost-effective and fun way to amp up your room is to place fun and colorful throw pillows. Playing with cushions, sofa cushions or floor cushions is an easy way to completely change the outlook of your room. You can get new pillow covers or make them on your own. Mixing and matching colors and textures will do the job but remember not to go overboard as more is not always better. You can have different cushion covers for different seasons to go with the mood. For winters, go with Velvet, Corduroy, or Tweed and go with Cotton, Organza, or Satin for summers.

Using Area Rugs:

Rugs can completely modify how your space looks. They help to define rooms, ground the furniture, and make the area more interesting. Preferably, the furniture should be placed on the rug, but at least the feet of the furniture should touch a portion of the rug to make the furniture appear more grounded.

Add Mirrors:

Adding mirrors give an illusion of a much larger space in comparison to its actual size. In addition to big windows and high ceilings, a well-placed mirror can make a huge difference and makes space look twice its size. Some tips on how and where you can place mirrors are as follows:

  • Put a mirror above the fireplace, preferably a framed one.
  • Put mirrors in your bathroom vanity.
  • Create reflective light by putting mirrors beside windows.
  • Small mirrors can also be grouped to create visual interest.
  • In case you do not have space for hanging large mirrors, you can always place small ones on closet doors or storage cabinets.

Accessorize Bookshelves:

Bookshelves are for books but they can surely serve the purpose of a decorative element within your space as well. You just need to get a balanced combination of small items vs. large ones and dark objects vs. light ones. Some tips are as follows:

  • Place large objects first to help the shelves anchor in place.
  • Use both horizontal and vertical piles of books.
  • Add photo frames or art pieces.
  • Create a balance while placing light and dark objects to avoid the illusion of clutter.
  • Add smaller articles to fill gaps.
  • Add greenery by placing succulents or other indoor plants in small pots. You can also play with the pots.
  • Make sure that the shelf looks neat and tidy.
  • Check how the shelf looks by stepping back frequently.     

Use Hand Made Wall Hangings:

Another pocket-friendly idea to decorate your living room or bedroom is to use eccentric artwork on your walls. It can be paintings, family portraits, DIY art pieces, or any traditional wall hangings. They add life to your space. But placing them right is important. Before placing anything on your walls, make sure that the piece you plan on using goes well with the rest of the room and is of the appropriate size. Keep the scale of the art piece and your wall in mind too. Be mindful but don’t restrict yourself, be as creative as you want and decorate your space giving it a sense of your own style.

Add a Centerpiece:

A centerpiece adds character and a nice finish to your tables or consoles. They can be used to add a touch of elegance for extra special occasions. How we decorate our home tells a lot about us but it does not have to be heavy on our pockets. Even a simple vase with freshly cut flowers can do the job. You can make DIY centerpieces as well to go well with your theme.

Another inexpensive way is to add candles. Better yet, add scented candles. This would promptly amp up the vibe of the room and the aromatic scent would lift up your mood instantly. If you want to go a step further, adding candle stands is another great idea. You can also make DIY candles and decorate them with strings of pearls and flowers.

Clean, clutter-free environment:

Maintaining a clean, clutter-free environment is surprisingly one of the best and the most cost-effective ways to make your space look smart. Dusting and vacuuming twice a week will make your place seem more luxurious. This way you can keep an eye for any stains or spots on your area rugs or cushion etc. that otherwise give a bad image and this would also make them last longer. The same can be done for the furniture.

Light up the room:

The importance of natural and source lighting cannot be overstated. A well-lit place can contribute to uplifting the mood of the room manifolds. Make sure that you do not block sunlight by placing huge or bulky furniture in front of the windows. The addition of floor and table lamps has a huge impact as they serve as a source of light and add a decorative element as well. But make sure that lighting in your interior has the functionality, otherwise, it would just be a waste of resources.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Maham Bilal, a young and passionate soul currently working as an SEO Executive at Relaxsit.

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