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8 Useful Summer Hacks for Your Garden

by Melanie Peterson
Summers are here. For some, summers are as dreadful as getting an injection. Well, to beat the heat of summers, we all seek for the greenery and fresh air. Make summer’s more delightful for others as well by sending them flowers through online flower delivery in Mumbai. And in spite of going to the mountains, you can instead have greeny at your place.

Yes, having your own little garden in summers is the best idea one could have to have a happy summer. However, having a summer garden also means maintaining it. The garden should be protected from the heart and the harsh weather.

Yes, give others the freshness and coolness of mother nature by sending off your love in the form of greenery. Make every soul happy and fresh, even in the oppressed summers. You can create and contribute your own bit to nature by having a garden full of flowers.

Yes, gardens do need maintenance. However, that does not mean that you would not have a little garden of your own. You can maintain your own by following these simple and easy seven hacks for gardens which will help you get blossoming flowers throughout the summers.

● Plant seasonally:

Flowers or seeds that are suitable for summer seasons such as cucumber, watermelons, brinjals, ginger and capsicums. When given proper manure and hydration, these plants can easily prosper throughout the harsh summer season.

● Mulch:

Summer season and mulching plants go hand in hand. The reason why mulching is a must is that it retains the waiver, which eventually helps the plants to be hydrated and does not let evaporation from the soil happen. Moreover, another benefit of mulching is that it refrains the weeds from sprouting.

● The right amount of watering & labelling:

It is most crucial to water the plants frequently in summers too in the proper amount. When you water the plants deeply, then they help in keeping the plants hydrated, healthy, eventually leading to healthier and strong roots.

It is advised to water the plants either in the early morning or late in the evening. So, if you have a good watering pattern of your garden, you will have fresh and radiating flowers. Remember when you ordered flowers online, how happy did you feel? Likewise, a garden with fresh flowers will make you happy and content.

● Smother the weeds:

Generally, white wine is suggested to be poured over the weeds in order to destroy them or kill them. If you want you can come up with your own spray mix made of salt, dish soap and vinegar. Cautiously spray the mixture over the weeds so that the other plants in the garden do not get hurt or affected. Cover the areas of the garden with a thick layer of mulch that would eventually kill the breeding of the mulch.

● Prune & Pluck:

Try and keep your garden clutter-free. Frequently, you have to get the extra growth of the plants in your garden prune.

● Use pest control:

Get rid of excessive and unwanted pests from your garden. Spray a homemade insecticidal soap mixture on the pests. Citrus essential oil for citrus peels is another very effective fertilizers which help in getting rid of the pests effectively and effortlessly.

● Pick the right container:

A container which can retain the moisture thus can help the plants to thrive through the droughts without any difficulty. Fill the container with sand so that they can help in retrieving the moisture.

● Companion Plants:

The importance of companion plants is so much for the garden plants, especially in summers. These plants help one another to grow healthy. For example, tall plants help in giving the shadows to small plants. Just as wine plants cover the ground whereas, the tall plants grow in the skyward direction.

This summer’s hacks will help you achieve a healthy as well as a blossoming garden. However, you can still send flowers online and make your loved ones happy by getting them delivered at their doorstep. Just as flowers bring happiness and calmness in nature, you can bring it to our home by having a home garden.

Also, be it summers, spring, winters or autumns, gardens always make up for the beauty of the house and provide peace to the person having a garden. So, to ensure stronger mental health, have a garden that plants your favorite flowers.

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