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5 Reasons Why Men Should Remove Body Hair

by Melanie Peterson

It is not unusual for people all around the world to want to remove hair from parts of their bodies, it is common knowledge that many women do in fact shave it is estimated that around 75% do, while around 50% of men shave.

There are many ways for someone to be able to shave or do some form of hair removal, whether that be a razor, waxing, laser treatment, or something like IPL treatment.

Many people will undergo some form of hair removal processes for all sorts of reasons. Some of the reasons might be for Beauty, Sport, or simply just to avoid a trip to the barbers.

But what are the benefits of actually removing body hair? Scroll down more and we will tell you the main five benefits for getting rid of that pesky body hair.

5 Benefits to removing body hair

1. More defined muscles

This one is mostly for athletes such as bodybuilders who will often shave or remove their body hair in order to show their muscles better.

Shaving your body will make the muscles show up a lot more, this is why when you see a bodybuilder they more than often are shaved.

2. Hygiene

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise, yes shaving your body hair does make you more hygienic, not only does it keep your body clean, but it will also help keep those body odours away.

The reason for this is because the more hair you have, the more surface area bacteria will have to cling onto, which is what makes that body odour so pungent.

3. A cleaner profile

Someone who is well kept and ‘prim and proper’ is more likely to give off a good first impression, if you have an unkempt beard or lots of body hair a potential employer or maybe someone offering you a loan will be more likely to look elsewhere.

However someone who looks the part and not ‘scruffy’ will be looked a lot more highly upon. 

4. More attractive

A study has shown that both men and women prefer less hair on a person over more hair, with 74% of men saying it looked better, while 81.3% of women said the same.

Not only that but removing hair on the body tends to make someone more confident which again is an attractive trait. Even if you have messy hair, feeling spick and span, knowing that you don’t have any hair peeking out or having a hand from the stone age will make you feel better about yourself.

5. Thing of the past

Nowadays it has become far more accepted by society that being hairless is what makes men macho, the 20th century was a time where being masculine meant being big, strong and hairy while now that’s a thing of the past.

Many women nowadays prefer a man to be clean shaven, and not quite as hairy as back then.

These are the main benefits for a man to shave, will they change your life drastically probably not but it can’t hurt trying and working out what works for you and wants helps you feel better about yourself.

Should you shave

At the end of the day how you present yourself is up to you, if you feel confident in how you look and you look after yourself then you are more than likely to still be able to achieve success in the areas listed above. 

There will always be an alternative to how things should look and shouldn’t look and that is what makes someone be able to express themselves.

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