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Word Counter: The Next Big Thing For writers

by Melanie Peterson
A word counter is a tool that gives general statistics about the character count, number of characters without spaces and word count. To Count words in a document is very significant writing metric for writers, bloggers, and authors. Besides, Academic writing, successful SEO and ranking of a website largely depend on the length of the articles published on the web page. According to the experts, an article must be around 1500 words. Similarly, in educational institutions, assignments, essays, and research papers demand certain words limit. Here is the best word counter and character counter tool available on the internet.

Word Counter: The Next Big Thing For writers

Online Word counter & Character counter tool

Prepostseo word counter helps you to enhance your choice of words and style and optionally detect grammar errors and plagiarism, apart from counting words and characters. Not only statics, but it also reports unique words, average Word length in characters, average sentence length in words, and total paragraph in the document. It has been designed to count words and characters in books, essays, novels, and blogs. Social media platforms like Twitter demands a specific character limit. Therefore, it’s a perfect tool to count words of your tweet, Facebook status, and Instagram story. It comes with many other features, such as keyword density and readability to maximize the writing productivity. These features are helpful for users in writing website content, product reviews, blogs, forums, and offices. On the same page, you can paraphrase, rewrite, and check plagiarism of the same document.

How to use it?

Set your cursor in the text box above to check the number of words and start typing. When you type, delete, and edit, you will see the number of letters and words increase or decrease. Also in the box checker, you can copy and paste texts. It also permits you to upload files for character and word counting in various file formats such as doc, docx, and PDF documents. It can be used in all popular web browser applications including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.

Why word counter is important?

The word count in a text is important to know. It is a need of every author, freelancers, students, teachers, and business writers or any other person who wants to write. For instance, if the writer is asked to write at least a maximum or a minimum of the text, a report, an essay, a book, an account, and a paper, he would need to know its written content’s total number of words and characters.
Readers find articles pleasant with interesting information. For the same reason, writers endeavor to use words that encourage the target readers to think about articles. In order to make the article interesting and convincing, the choice of words is based on facts and figures. Concise and limited words should be considered. The fewer words the better the article is, generally speaking. Novels are written stories, while best-selling novels contain words which do extraordinary things. Newer writers tell you that it’s difficult to put ideas into words on the sacred author’s block.

Word limit for novels

A novel must be written with a calm, focused approach and a strong sense of purpose. In general, novels are between 60,000 and 80,000 words, but well- known authors can write novels longer. Between 20,000 to 40,000 words, also known as novellas, can be shorter novel versions. The average is 2,500 words for short stories, but they can reach 20,000 words.

Readability of thesis

For a graduate student, it is essential to write a thesis, but the majority of graduates are unstructured in the writing. The writing of thesis requires a sound basis, where words are unique and aimed at a particular audience. The word limit may vary according to the requirement of the project. However, a writer should know that the use of language or of words should be concise, easy and straightforward so that they inspire the reader with passion. A good thesis can make you achieve good grades. Readability and plagiarism free research paper guarantees highest grades during final assessment of the project. You can break down large and lengthy sentences to make them simple and comprehensive. The word count tool provides both features to students in free so they can write meaningful and informative thesis.

Writer’s salary is equal to written number of words 

The number of sales is paid to salesmen. In the same way, the number of words is paid to writers. It is no surprise that writers have very well realized that word count matters in the quality of the work. Magazine editors or publishers often request certain word length articles. The editor of a fashion magazine may ask you to write on “How to lose weight in 10 Days” given 1000 words limit. In such scenario, you can’t exceed words more than 1150 as it is acceptable to write 30-50 words more than provided limit but it would be highly discouraged if you write less than the assigned words.

55 words short story

The shortest contest in the world for the writing of stories, The Count of Monte Cristo, has incredible stories of no more than 55 words. Almost every student will share their experience of word count in writing a paper for The Count of Monte Cristo contest, which is one of Alexandre Dumas’s most popular works and must be read in every school curriculum.


It has become easy to count words by the availability of online word counter and character tools. Without computers, counting the number of words was a challenge and every writer dreamt of an easier way to determine the number of words. There may also be situations in which a quick number of words is necessary. Authors understand that there should be a minimum number of words in papers, essays, novels or books. The length of the latest novels is often heard by authors. Legal briefs are usually requested by a count of words. School papers are often limited in the word. Word count also regulates the length of documents produced for work, school or other written tasks. Therefore, it can be concluded that word counter is a next big thing in the writing industry.

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