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Top Reasons React Native is Perfect Web Development Framework in 2021

by Melanie Peterson

When you look to invest in mobile or web application development, the most important question is selecting the framework. Outstanding performance, fast development cycle, and highly-secure deployment is key for every business organization success. With platforms being dominant, mobile app developers need to choose between a faster development cycle and better user experience.

So, what can be done here? Don’t you think there is a need for the application framework having features to address the requirements mentioned earlier? Luckily with the availability of hybrid app frameworks to balance the development as well as user experience. React Native is the most prominent framework to build complicated hybrid apps due to its advanced features.

Launched in 2015 by Facebook, it is one of the most reputed frameworks over the internet since its release. Reputed brands like Tesla, AirBnB, Instagram, Walmart, Wix, or Bloomberg, are high-end apps making use of React Native mobile app development to give a competitive edge over the market.

Reasons to Select React Native in 2021 for Web Application Development

1. Reduced Development Time & Cost

React Native has the feature to share the code between different mobile platforms. In simple terms, it can be observed that an application developed for iOS on React Native can be used to work for Android app with minor tweaks. In addition, the single code can be used on different platforms, it certainly reduces the development work. Moreover, the development cost is lowered, which is beneficial, particularly for startups.

2. Simple & Streamlined Maintenance

As we see the expansion in React native frameworks, the API grows too. If your application is based on the native framework it consumes a lot of time. But with React Native flexibility the whole app development becomes easy, & simple to manage as well as price effective.

3. Third-party Integrations

React Native has feature to synchronize and integrate itself related to native modules like frameworks. Thus it has ability to integrate with the app features and other elements including GPS, and camera. It is all because of the presence of internal device programming and thus clearing the necessity of additional integration efforts for the team of developers. Usually these features comprise of a JavaScript library that easily clubs code in JavaScript by keeping the platform properly managed in free to avail and open-source libraries.

4. Hot Reloading

The key functionality of “hot reloading” is highly crucial for the developers. This feature build apps at a faster rate and with important feedback. With the presence of Hot Module Replacement (HMR), it is easy for the developers to make instant change in the source code while accessing instant results. Any changes performed within the code are by default reloaded. This in turns helps React Native mobile app development to build a web application without recompilation, hence improving the development pace. It’s like developing a web application on a native machine. Collaborating these with efficient debugging tools, in return gives a properly integrated, hot reloading, and latest debugging functionality. 

5. Virtual DOM

One feature differentiating React Native from other frameworks is the presence of virtual DOM. An essential requirement to build a web application is the presence of user interaction and data updates. This needs proper consideration how mobile app structure is impacting overall performance. Even with renowned platforms and JavaScript engines, applying DOM creates a performance bottle-neck and ends into an annoying user experience. The reason is the presence of DOM like tree-structured, changes at the top level can eliminate ripples to the user interface.

React fix this error with the integration of the virtual DOM. Any changes integrated on the virtual DOM, remains in the memory and not reflected on the screen. Algorithm identify the changes made to the virtual DOM that are integrated to the real DOM in the end.

6. Reusable Components

Components are important and with React small things are implemented to build web applications. Each component applies its own logic and manages its own rendering to get reused wherever required. Code reuse helps to make web applications at a fast rate. In addition, it also helps to implement a consistent look and feel across the complete project. It may seem like limited functionality but using components offers huge benefit with the development work.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to develop an engaging & feature-rich web application, then ReactJs Development is the right investment. Apart from the above mentioned features it is known for its SEO features that helps developers to reach top rank in search engine results. What are you waiting to consult an experienced developers from a reputed company to enjoy desired business results? The support is present 24/7 to help you with the features & business advantages of this popular framework. 

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