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Top Music Influencers in UAE

by Melanie Peterson

Music has become a crucial part of everyday life, from travelling to partying. It can connect people from various cultural backgrounds, foster creativity, and serve as a universal language to express or evoke emotions. It has played a significant role in enriching experiences, shaping identities, and influencing events worldwide. Moreover, Music influencers have also played an essential role in taking how people perceive music and artists to the next level through social media.

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have allowed these influential individuals to present their music and talent to many people, engage with them, accumulate a massive following, and reach a global audience. They have realised the potential of Instagram to solidify their image, thrive among other influencers, and expand their influence to foster genuine connections with their viewers.

The top music influencers in UAE portray creativity, authenticity, and influence that help build a powerful connection between brands and their target audience. By collaborating with top music influencers in UAE, brands and influential individuals can promote their music, events, and products to a highly receptive audience.

These music Instagrammers have the capability to create worthy content that has the potential to go viral and generate buzz. Additionally, they can amplify the brand’s growth, proving themselves an invaluable asset in modern marketing. Therefore, enlisting the know-how of the best influencer marketing agency in UAE ensures a harmonious and result-oriented collaboration.

So, to deeply understand the local market and the latest trends and forge meaningful connections with the target audience, let’s look at the list of best music influencers in UAE.

List of Best Instagram Music Influencers in UAE

1. Mohamed Al Shehhi

Mohamed Al Shehhi is a tremendous storyteller who blends narrative, theatre, and music to originate a remarkable story. He is positioned among the top music Instagrammers in UAE because of his love and dedication towards poetry and Khaleeji-style music. The musician is blessed with a family with deep musical roots that support traditional songs and extraordinary music genres. Malsh is a tremendous role model for all aspiring musicians and has touched many hearts through his melodious voice, garnering an engagement rate of 0.29% and average views of 15K on Instagram.

2. Marwan Parham Al Awadhi

Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, aka DJ Bliss, is a disc jockey, radio personality, TV presenter, entertainer, and entrepreneur. He founded Bliss Inc. Entertainment and is also the first Emirati musician to partner with BGM – a multinational company, and Universal Music, the largest global music producer. Apart from being the best disc jockey in the UAE, he has also been cast in the Netflix show Dubai Bling. He is one of the top music influencers in UAE, with an average of 56K views and an engagement rate of 5% on Instagram. With such a trustworthy following and cherished persona, international artists like Kanye West and Akon have also invited him to perform at their private events.

3. Michel Émile Kfoury

Michel Émile Kfoury, aka Wael Kfoury, is a musician and songwriter ranked among the best Instagram music influencers in UAE. Through her outstanding talent and hard work, Kfoury has also performed in the El Fan studio, competing alongside other talented musicians. With his massive fan following and engaging audience, many brands like Pepsi Arabia and LG often partner with him and invite him to events they organise. He has an average of 214K views and an engagement rate of 1.95% on Instagram.

4. Amal Hijazy

Even after being at the pinnacle of pop music, former pop singer Amal Hijazy quit singing pop music and shifted to religious music. Apart from that, she is a model and actress who has established herself as a renowned female artist and one of the top music Instagrammers in UAE. She provides glimpses of her life through her posts and constant interaction with her followers. Through her engaging personality, she has obtained an engagement rate of 0.58% and average views of 45K on Instagram.

5. Adel Ibrahim

Adel Ibrahim is an established personality from the United Arab Emirates known for his hit music, including “Ya Aazb Lwasayef”, “Shed Hailek 2021”, and “Me And You”. He stands among some of the renowned music Instagram influencers in UAE who reign over the country’s music charts by often attaining the number one spot. With a genuine and engaging audience, Adel has an engagement rate of 0.18% and average views of 6K on Instagram.

6. Ayisha Abdul Basith

Ayisha Abdul Basith is an Indian-born Islamic singer who is the best music influencer in UAE. With her faith-inspired songs and mesmerising voice, she has garnered love, affection, and respect from millions worldwide. Being religious by nature, she is a faith-devotee singer with her heart set on Islamic songs. With her talent, she has obtained an engagement rate of 5.05% and average views of 53K on Instagram.

7. Mohammad Rafe

Mohammad Rafe is a singer, producer, guitarist, and pianist who got his stardom in the 8th season of the Arab singing show “Star Academy.” Rafe is an Arabic pop singer who has established himself as a music icon in the said industry. With so many hit songs, such as Khalezna and Streets of Amman, he has become one of the best Instagram music influencers in UAE, with an average of 6K views and an engagement rate of 1.03% on Instagram.

8. Vesislava Todorova

Bulgarian-born, Vesislava Todorova is a professional cellist, musician, performer, and recording artist who is the best music influencer in UAE with a massive following, an engagement rate of 4.02%, and average views of 8K on Instagram. Her Instagram feed contains cello-playing sessions, music recordings, shoots, and brand collaborations. Vesislava started her career as a classical music performer but later shifted to pop music and is now a renowned composer.

This article consists of some of the most renowned music Instagram influencers in UAE who can assist brands in reaching their goals. And Grynow, the best influencer marketing agency in UAE, can help you find more such talents in the United Arab Emirates with ease.

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