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Tips For Improving Your Online Reputation

by Melanie Peterson
We live in a time and age when the online is the first place people reach out to when trying to find more information about a person or business.

With just the simple click of a button we can now browse through countless ratings, reviews or blog posts, and get a fast idea about what is good and what is ugly about almost anyone or anything.

But just as simple as they are to write and read, online reviews and testimonials, even if untrue, can destroy a brand’s hard built name, in no time.

It’s easy to see why. A few angry online reviews from customers, or a less-than-flattering media story, can be insanely influential through their potential of reaching millions of people.

So what can be done?

Is there any way to protect ourselves?

In the end, we are all humans and misunderstandings can happen even with the best client service. Maybe you said something that offended a customer or maybe you made a small mistake which turned out to be not so small in the end. Just because these things happen it doesn’t mean that your company’s image should be doomed forever.

The tips we will share with you today, when applied, can radically improve your online reputation and save your business.

So follow us till the end and see what steps to take if you want to improve your online reputation fast:

1. Constantly Monitor Your Online Presence

As much as you love your brand and believe your client service is top-notch, don’t be so convinced that everyone else feels the same way too.

The first step to take when trying to improve your personal, or brand’s image online, is to have a clear idea about how your customers perceive you. Try and track all the mentions about you or your business, and see what it’s being said about you out there.

Do people talk about you or the service you provide?

What do they have to say?

Knowing what is working and what is not, can help you to both evolve and improve any areas which need attention.

2. Remove Entries From Complaints Websites 

Complaint websites like RipoffReport.com that allow angry customers to post unverified reviews, can do a lot of harm to any person’s or business online reputation.

Many times untrue, these entries have a major visibility in Google’s organic search results and are easily available for everyone to see.

When done professionally, a ripoff report removal will not only suppress any negative reviews about you, but will also replace them with positive things which can place your online presence in a better light.

3. Try And Answer All Reviews

Try to answer all reviews and say ‘I am sorry’ to clients that express their unhappiness about the service you provide. Start reading all the feedback on your page, search through online review websites and browse social media platforms.

We know that the constant searching and replying to reviews can be exhausting for anyone and can many times take over your entire time. By working with an online reputation management company you could allow professionals to do all this work for you.

4. Add Relevant information

Try to have an active presence online.

Write blog posts, open social media accounts and engage with people. Building your social media presence can be an incredibly effective way to build your reputation too, and get your name known.
The bottom line is that what people say about you online can definitely affect your reputation. It can cost you clients, money or relationships.

That’s why being proactive and addressing negative reviews and feedback hands on can many times turn things in your advantage.

So don’t waste any more time and start defending your online reputation today!

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