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Strategy to Follow When it Comes to Preparing English Grammar for Competitive Exams

by Melanie Peterson

English is one of the easiest subjects to score high marks in competitive exams like SSC CGL, CAT, MAT, IELTS, etc. The subject requires preparation strategies customized for each type of exam.

However, the general English grammar preparation strategies remain common for all exams. For example, you must know about sentence formation, active and passive voice, tenses, etc. Besides this, the following guidelines would prove helpful:

5 English Grammar Preparation Strategies for Competitive Exams

Practice Previous Year Papers

Whether you plan to appear for an online or offline test, the previous year’s papers are readily available online. Therefore, you should attempt such papers to understand the commonly asked questions and their answers.

Moreover, attempting the previous year’s papers would bring clarity to the grammar rules. Some websites would also state the reason for the correct answer and an opportunity to connect with experienced tutors through comments, email, or call if you disagree with it.

Take Online Coaching

Preparing English grammar for competitive exam like IELTS, GME, MAT, CAT, etc., can become challenging through self-study, even with a strict schedule. Moreover, thousands of aspirants would appear for the same examination in different states.

Therefore, it is important to join a reputable institute. Besides this, it even helps to clear doubts with experienced teachers during or after the class. As a result, the concepts of English grammar become clear, and you have a chance of getting higher grades.

Participate in Online Competitions

Another method of keeping up with the English grammar rules and updates is participating in domestic or international competitions. By doing so, you become more confident during the competitive exam and obtain security of your grades.

Additionally, competitions help to boost morale and encourage preparation. They even increase interest in the subject and break the monotonous learning curve. The answers revealed would help to understand the mistakes and knowledge of the language.

Stick to the Regular Schedule

Divide lesson plans and stick to the schedule during self-preparation. If you find it challenging to build them, take an online course for the competitive exam. By doing so, you would learn under the influence of an experienced tutor.

The teacher would even provide customized study material based on the knowledge and help to get higher grades. A schedule would help ensure that all aspects of the language get covered before the examination, and you have sufficient time to take online mock tests.

Understand the Question Paper

Attempting online mock tests or previous year papers would help to understand the types of questions. It would even enable you to get knowledge of the sections included in the exam. For example, IELTS has reading, listening, writing, and speaking sections.

Meanwhile, the SSC CGL English paper is attempted online and doesn’t include speaking and listening sections. However, interviewers may assess these skills before declaring the final result. Therefore, you must understand the type of question paper to score high grades and achieve the required goal.

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