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Pendant Lamps: Why They are to be Installed at the Home?

by Melanie Peterson

Introduction to pendant lamps and lighting fixtures and its history

When compared to various types of lights, pendant lighting comparatively is considered to be a baby, beginning with huge chandeliers. According to history, pendant lights is said to have come into existence as a wonderful substitute, however as a lesser detailed chandelier version of same functionality and features. As a matter of fact, it is said to have derived the name from a jewelry accessory, namely the pendant. Its history is said to go back as far as 2700 BC and began with clay hanging lamps with light that was burnt by using animal fat, the way, the Greeks had devised it. With time, clay lamps got replaced with glass. European pendants during the 80s started to appear with usage of glass designs, with pendants being found in attractive shades.

What is the pendant lighting all about?

It is regarded to be a single fixture, hanging from ceiling from string or other type of supporting device like the metal rod. These are stated to be miniscule in details when compared to chandeliers, instead of having exposed lights. The lower end or tip tends to employ shade types. Hence, this fixture is said to be described as pendant light fixture. It is also known as a drop or suspender and if found to be single hanging entities not having additional branches can be used alone to provide that dramatic effect. They can also be used in group of 2 or 3 and suspended at different heights. Even the pendant lamps India could be stripped to bare bulb that is suspended from cord or probably housed in decorative shade that is crafted from fabric, metal, resin or glass. The pendant right from the early times has been featured to be a crude type of glass shell, brown in color. Eventually, it evolved into an enormous style today. These days, one can easily come across different styled pendant lighting that are of superior quality.

Prior to shopping for these lighting fixtures, firstly, it will be useful to understand its purpose and the area where it is to be used in the home. Generally, pendant fixtures are used for task or general lighting. They can also be used in the form of stand-alone lighting fixtures for any specific area. They can also be used combining other lighting fixtures, more specially in the bigger areas. The narrow areas requiring lighting are held to be ideal candidates to install low, single pendant light. Taking into consideration the size of the pendant, they may range in size starting from 2 inches to about multiple pendant fixtures of diameter being around 22 – 48 inches. These are well suited to brighten up small task areas within the kitchen to any bigger hallway. For instance, when installed over the dining table, the size of the pendant is to be half the table’s width. It is only the well selected lighting fixtures that can have the desired effect upon the visitors.

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