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Know Why Is It Important To Have a Well Decorated Home for Your Mental Well Being

by Melanie Peterson

The effect our immediate surroundings have on us is huge. Yet, decorating your home can be quite difficult but it has some great advantages to it. It might not seem so but giving a space you spend most of your time in a personal appeal is very important. So much so, that it has been proven that decorating your home provides some great mental and physical benefits. 

If you have some time or if you are living in a boring or neutral space for a while, you should definitely consider decorating your home. If you want to get convinced, we can tell you about the mental effects that come from home decor.

● Productivity

We often see that if we are in an environment that is not very comfortable, our productivity plummets considerably. So, if you are a student or work at home a lot, the decoration of that study space has to be personal and comfortable. For instance, if you have boring colors surrounding you, yet you work in an artistic field or really like bright bold colors, it will be nearly impossible for you to be creative or get your work done. If you have bright lights all over but prefer a calm and neutral environment, you will never be able to concentrate. It’s not very difficult to combat these problems. You will find that a study lamp price is not very high, so you can easily get one of these and you will be much more comfortable. Surround yourself with art or posters which you like and it will make you feel a lot better.

● Happiness

The colors around us affect our mood a lot as well. Cool-toned colors like blue and grey often make us sad since those colors feel the exact opposite of how nature is primarily colored. It is thus a better idea to have your bedrooms and living rooms be painted in warm-toned colors. It doesn’t mean you have to paint a loud red. You can have soft pastel salmon, peach, or pink walls. You should also surround yourself with warm lights like Diwali lights decorations or ceiling and standing lights that are more warm-toned. The blue tone that emits from white lights is not comfortable and is bad for your eyesight as well as your general mood. Warm lights radiate more happiness than cooler lights.

● Anxiety and Stress

Stress or anxiety are the most common complaints from most people in the world. Living a normal life is stressful with work, social relations, family, or school. IF you surround yourself with chaos, your life will automatically feel more stressed. It is thus extremely important to have a clean and organized home. If you have less space in your home, invest in storage spaces like shelved cupboards, storage bins, storage beds, etc. If you have a lot of anxiety in life, you will notice a considerable change if you try to organize your home in a way so that you can function in the space in an easier way.

Decorations clearly affect our mental well-being a lot and should definitely be an activity you should engage in when you’re not feeling too well.

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