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How to Choose the Best Theme for Your Essay Writing Website

by Melanie Peterson
WordPress is one of the most effective ways to ensure optimal blogging and control of the content. This makes most of the website owners to use WordPress and its themes actively. Due to its responsive design and favorable social media integration service, many people are converting from HTML to WordPress theme. A WordPress theme is a series of files that work together to create a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a website. Choosing a WordPress theme may sound simple at first glance, but you will get confused after browsing through hundreds of choices. You may wonder what aspects you should select to make it appear more appealing.  If you wish to choose the best theme for your essay writing service, you may need to narrow down your choices before selecting the best one. The following tips will help you find the best theme for your essay writing website and thus draw more clients.

1. The Design Matters

Although an appealing visual look doesn’t ensure the quality and worthiness of a website, yet the theme is the very first feature that catches the attention of visitors. It can play a significant role in introducing the nature of the business. And, when it comes to essay services, young students are more likely to judge a book by its cover. The website’s design is what most of the visitors see first before they even start a full interaction with the service. So, go for an eye-catching theme designed to invite users from the academic perspective. When too many bright colors, unusual fonts, or nonsensical menus are used on your website, the functionality of your website may be impaired.

2. Customer Experience as a top priority

The primary goal of designing all websites is to attract and turn prospects into permanent clients. This isn’t possible without a good user interface.  Customers of any essay writing service are busy students or business workers who have less time to do their own tasks or spend time on their website trying to find out how to reach them. So choose a theme that provides you and your guests a smooth journey. Ifreal readers have to make a long route to place an order, then they may leave the site in the midway and never return. So, make sure the writing service operates transparently and efficiently to deliver a first-class user experience.

3. Use Multilingual Theme

Some clients of essay writing services are foreign students who lack English skills. They are unable to manage their academic writing assignments. Considering such students, adding translation options is a big benefit for your website as it makes the users feel at ease. They experience a sense of accessibility and close connectivity. Due to great customer satisfaction, customizing a multilingual theme is a smart decision. Even though this theme is an expensive option, it is preferred because of the customer loyalty it brings in the future

4. Free vs paid themes

For low-budget businesses, free-of-charge themes are enticing but they won’t yield results as expected. Sometimes, they do not have after-sales service and therefore can not be changed in the future. Premium themes, on the other hand, offer unique insights that help set you apart from the competitors. So, before you get into trouble with an unreliable free source, invest in a more promising one, and wait for the output. For an appealing essay writing site, you can migrate website to WordPress and opt any of the following themes:

  • Gentium
  • Anotte
  • Victim
  • Asafa
  • Colova
  • Nastik
  • TheGem

5. Consider the public review

The biggest benefit of online purchases is that you can read the public review of a specific product or service. Similarly, website themes are no exceptions. Generally, the rating section is located near the download button. It is a great tool to assess the quality of the theme. You should note that every theme may contain a few negative reviews. Here, it doesn’t imply that you should steer clear of every theme. However, if the negative reviews are large in numbers, it’s a bad sign indicating that you should reconsider your choice.

6. Test the theme

Once you have explored and selected a specific theme, the final step is testing the theme. Before the website is published, you can check its usability on both computers and smartphones. This is a crucial step to make sure all of the features you paid for work properly. Anyhow, if there are any issues regarding the theme, you’re all free to change it.

Eventually, choosing an impressive theme for your essay writing website requires you to consider its design, features, and user experience. A perfect WordPress theme depends on the type of customers you serve and their demands. So, make sure the interface is user friendly and the new visitors have no trouble accessing your website. You can also get a high-quality WordPress theme licensed to fix potential bugs, receive updates, or use it on your alternative websites.

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