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How to Best Support a Loved One Going Through Rehab

by Maria Berg

Going through rehab means staying away from home for an extended period. It is challenging to start a life without drugs, especially when a person has been an addict for so long. The one thing you can do for your loved one going through rehab is to give love and show support.

Stay in Touch

Staying in contact with your loved one in rehab is the easiest way to start support. Show the person how much you love them and you are always available. Just hearing your voice can motivate the person and boost-up confidence. Usually, the starting time in rehab doesn’t allow for excessive communication.

Less contact with outsiders ensures that the person is giving himself time. You should be respectful and patient in this case and give space to your loved one. If phone calls are allowed, give positive messages only.

Sending Gifts

You can encourage your loved one by making the person realize that he is not alone. You can send in a letter written by hand. It will surely lighten up the day of the one going through rehab. Sometimes you can send homemade food if it is allowed. Just don’t do something that will ruin the efforts of the staff working hard on the person. Always take permission before sending stuff.

Gain Knowledge Related to Addiction and Rehab

If you don’t know how an addict feels when he cannot take drugs, you can never have the level of sympathy required by the person. To cater to this, read about what happens in different stages of rehab.

You can also join groups that provide support to the ones whose loved ones are in rehab. Increasing your knowledge will allow you to care better for your loved one as you can get into his shoes to some extent.

How to Help Yourself Continue the Support

Give them relaxation by ensuring that you are managing the responsibilities of their part.

Time in rehab is hard. It requires motivation and focus. If the person you love has a lot of house chores, how will the person be able to focus on the healing process? To relax the mind of your loved one, assure him that you are managing everything perfectly.

Let the person know that their kids (if any) are doing well, attending school, and eating well. The bills are taken care of etc. Divide the work and let the person focus on rehab.

Don’t Lose Hope

Don’t ever sound discouraged while talking to your loved one. The person is already going through much. You don’t want to upset the person with your emotions. Be strong and have the patience that the person will make it.

Never take your anger out on an addict. Never say that you will never change, you’re worthless, you have ruined your life, or that rehab was a waste of money. It will be hard for you, but you must be strong and encouraging.

Be Proud of Their Accomplishments

Convey your message of being proud of your loved one. If the person you love knows something expects from him, he will be even more motivated to get clean.

Motivate the person by talking about what the time will be after the rehab is over. Talk about the excellent results and changes that will come. Show support for even the tiny bit of progress your loved one makes. Encourage the person at every step. Giving support increases the motivation of the patients to keep on going.

After Rehab Encouragement

When an addict is about to reach the end of his time in the center, he will have a graduation ceremony too. Let the person know about your excitement to attend the graduation ceremony.

People who are addicts likely tend to return to their previous drug habits after going to rehab or during their time in rehab. Relapsing is not a sign of failure. It’s just that the techniques and treatment methods need changing. If you think they might need to further their treatment, advise them to search online for a “drug rehab near me” or offer to help them find more support together.


Never stop to support your loved one, even if he is frequently struggling. Always be appreciative of the little efforts a person is making. Keep encouraging them throughout their time in rehab. Indeed completing the time in rehab is a huge success.

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