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How Do I Know Whether My Toothache is Serious?

by Maria Berg

As you peel the wrapping from your favorite ice cream bar, you smell the vanilla ice cream and bittersweet chocolate inside. With a salivating mouth, you bite… And Oooo! The tooth throbs with anguish. Perhaps you cracked a tooth. Is it serious? Maybe. Don’t waste time setting an appointment with dentist Lincroft NJ.

How Do I Know Whether My Toothache is Serious

Age-related heightened sensitivity to temperature variations can cause mouth pain. Toothaches and other symptoms can indicate serious health risks. One ibuprofen won’t help. Read on for toothache warning signs as this post offers important health information for you and others on this. If you have any of the following symptoms of tooth pain, please visit our dentists:

Chewing Hurts

Cracked or damaged teeth hurt when you chew hard foods. If you don’t remember being hit in the mouth or eating a Gobstopper, this split may have been caused by nightly teeth-grinding or clenching your jaw too hard. Untreated dental pain from exposed nerve ends can lead to infection.

Enamel degradation makes chewing painful. Enamel protects the tooth pulp. When enamel goes away, teeth become sensitive to hot and cold foods, causing pain when eating or drinking. Acid reflux disease or a poor diet can also cause enamel loss, depending on severity and pattern. Research in the International Journal of Dentistry says dentists may be the first to recognize GERD due to the erosion patterns it left on teeth.

What You Need to Do

Broken teeth can cause infection or deterioration if left untreated. See your dentist immediately as tooth enamel loss may indicate a digestive issue.

Flossing Causes Bleeding Gums

If your gums bleed when you floss, you may have gum disease, in which plaque and bacteria cause gums to peel away from teeth. United States’ most American adults suffer from this illness, with onset between 30 and 40. Mild symptoms include bleeding and gum recession.

Here’s What You Must Do

It causes tooth loss and decay if left untreated. Professional deep cleaning every six months can prevent this issue. Bleeding gums usually require a dentist visit. In extreme cases, he or she may propose a tooth-saving procedure or daily mouthwash.

Body-Wrenching Pain

If you experience a frequent, severe toothache, you may have a tooth infection. When germs invade a tooth’s pulp, they can infect its connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. Untreated infections can spread to other organs and cause consequences. According to the family dental St. Peters, poor oral hygiene, a dry mouth, or a sugary diet can cause tooth infections.

The Prescription

Get yourself to the dentist as soon as possible if you’re experiencing severe, constant tooth pain. In order to prevent the infection from spreading further, your dentist will need to treat it. This may include draining the abscess and giving you medication.

You Feel Pressure Because Of It!

Wisdom teeth may cause pressure-related tooth pain. According to data, almost 10 million Americans have wisdom teeth extracted annually. Wisdom teeth alter most between 16 and 23. If they grew without difficulties, your dentist may leave them alone. But when they cause crowding as you age, then these untreated tilted wisdom teeth can lead to cavities or infections when left untreated.

The Rx

If you’re worried that your wisdom teeth might be giving you trouble, it’s a good idea to schedule an x-ray appointment with your dentist. If they are unhealthy, creating crowding of other teeth, or if they are affecting the function of other teeth, extraction may be recommended.

That Dry Sense in Your Mouth

A dry mouth allows bacteria to proliferate, aggravating dental problems. Saliva fights microorganisms in the mouth. Medication-induced dry mouth makes it hard to swallow, speak, and spit.


Your toothache will be easier to treat the sooner you visit the dentist. Your dentist may suggest medications to relieve dry mouth and maintain tooth health.

Now Is the Time to Seek Assistance

You may not anticipate the day you’ll need to visit the family dentist in Lincroft NJ but when that day arrives, you won’t want to keep it to yourself. If you’ve tried enough home remedies and found they weren’t helping, you can seek professional help from them. Dental services for the whole family can be scheduled right now through family dental St. Peters via phone or online.

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