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Dental Care Treatments That Make it Easier to Take Care of Your Teeth

by Melanie Peterson
When it comes to taking care of their teeth and their mouth in general, many people may feel that it is a full time job. While it is true that oral care involves a lot of different steps on a daily basis, those steps are important to maintaining good oral health. Oral care is also important to your overall health because some diseases like various heart conditions can be caused by bacteria in the mouth traveling through the bloodstream and into the heart.

Fortunately, there are modern dental treatments that make dental care much easier. You can get these treatments from any quality medical professional but if you live in Wall Township, New Jersey, then you will want to pay a visit to Dr. Anthony Mancino. Once you receive any of the right dental treatments, you will be able to more easily take care of your oral health, which will lead you to living a much healthier life.

Cavity Detecting Lasers

Normally dentists use a dental tool to detect cavities but some of them have taken to using an advanced fluorescent diode laser to perform that task. The laser enables them to detect cavities at an early stage and use fillings to treat them before they get worse. It is a painless procedure that is also highly accurate as it can detect cavities that regular dental tools miss. However, the laser is meant to be used in conjunction with traditional cavity detection methods, rather than as a replacement for them.

Quick Crown Creation

The advent of 3-D printing technology is not just beneficial for arts and crafts aficionados, dentists can also make use of the technology to create crowns more quickly and more accurately. Previously, when a dentist needed to make a crown, they would take a mold of the tooth which would be used to create a crown in a dental lab. It is a procedure that could take weeks.

However, many dentists have invested in CAD (Computer Assisted Design)/CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) technology to create crowns more quickly. The way that this technology works is that the tooth is digitally scanned to create a 3-D image. That image is then sent to a 3-D printer that then creates a crown from a block of restorative material like ceramic. The process is extremely accurate and can be done during your visit to the dentist. 

Digital X-rays

X-rays are a necessary part of dental care because they allow dentists to discover any problems that lie beneath the surface of the tooth. Even though dental X-rays are already quite safe, digital X-rays are safer still. The reason is that they reduce the patient’s exposure to radiation by up to 90% compared to regular X-rays. And since they are digital, there is no need for any film processing that can create harmful waste products; instead the dentist can simply pull up the X-ray on a computer screen to examine the results. Digital X-rays are a faster, safer upgrade to standard X-rays.

Easier and Faster Chipped Tooth Repair

In general, most people will ignore a chipped tooth because they might not think that it is worth the trouble to fix such a minor problem. However, advances in dental technology allow dentists to easily fix chipped teeth. Bonding is a procedure where resin is adhered to the tooth using a liquid or gel and then molded into the shape of the missing piece of tooth. This procedure can easily fix small chips in the tooth and can last for up to a decade or longer before it needs to be replaced.

Technology Can Help Your Teeth But So Can You

All of this new technology can make it easier to take care of your teeth but it is better if you never need them at all. You should follow the standard procedures of brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash in order to take care of your teeth. You should also visit a dentist to get your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. By following these steps, there is a lower chance that you will ever have to worry about using any of the advanced technology that can make dental care easier for you and the dentists who use them.

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