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Christmas Outfit Ideas For Your Little One

by Melanie Peterson

Now that we’re one step away from December, and 2020 is almost over, most of you are probably starting to make Christmas and New Year’s Eve plans. And no matter if you are planning to drink egg yolk under the Christmas tree or eat till you drop at your parents’ in law family dinner, one thing is clear: both you and your kids need Christmas outfits.

There’s so much to take care of during the holiday season. There’s decorating, buying Christmas gifts, finding a tree or sending dinner invitations. Caught between all these, parents often have too much on their plate to also think about their kids’ outfits. 

And since we know quite well that many of you hate the What to wear question, we’ve gathered here some amazingly cute ideas for dressing up kids for Christmas.

1. Keep It Simple Yet Timeless

Yes kids clothes are incredibly cute. But this doesn’t mean you need to go overboard when dressing little ones for Christmas dinner. Take a simple approach to your kids’ holiday get-up instead and go for classic children’s clothing. These types of garments never go out of style, and once your kids grow out of them, they can be passed to younger siblings, or even to your friends’ children.

And if you are worried about costs, dressing your children in classic clothing shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. On the contrary! Investing in a nice pair of shoes, a cozy coat, a jacquard dress or a tailored little suit, will end up saving you money in the long run. That’s because high end kids clothes don’t only look better but also last longer, so you won’t have to buy new ones after just one wear.

2. Fabrics & Accessories

Our main recommendation when dressing up kids not only for holidays, but in general, is to always use natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or velvet. Their skin is very sensitive and anything synthetic can easily cause them allergies or irritations. 

As for colors, we know that traditional Christmas colors are green and red, but there is something special about royal blue that goes well in all occasions. So what about a blue dress like this one for your little girl this year? 

Not only will it bring a touch of holiday cheer, but since velvet is a precious material you don’t need to add anything else to their outfits. Nothing shiny. Nothing sparkly.

3. Red Rompers

Who doesn’t love rompers on kids? I think we can all agree that there’s something about rompers on a tiny person that is instantly cute.

And since it’s Christmas, red is definitely the color to go! WIth this outfit your little person will definitely be number one on Santa’s nice list

4. Suit Them Up

If your little man can put up with sitting in a suit or button up shirt for the holiday family dinner why not take his outfit  to the next level?

A nice little costume accessorized with a matching bow tie or suspenders, will turn your kiddo into the best dressed gentleman at the Christmas table. 

5. Family Matching Pajamas

Wondering what is the perfect outfit to wear while ripping through gifts?

Pajamas of course!

What better way to memorialize this wonderful family time with some matching pajamas that all the family can wear together on Christmas morning. Talk about cozy and sweet. Not to mention that if you take pictures for the family album, they will turn out absolutely awesome!

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