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Burning Throat: What Home Remedies Are Effective For Throat Pain?

by Melanie Peterson

The burning throat is the symptom of different health conditions, such as strep throat or cold. There are different health conditions you should look for, such as GERD, flu, colds, post-nasal drip, burning mouth syndrome, peritonsillar abscess, Mono, etc.

Let’s get into details about which health conditions can cause burning throat and what home remedies you need.

1. Cold and flu 

Best ENT doctors in Multan say that colds and flu can cause a burning throat. When a virus enters your body, it attacks your respiratory system and affects breathing. Flu and cold have some common symptoms, such as a cough, tiredness, a runny nose, a burning throat, headaches, etc.

Medical help should be your priority if you experience severe symptoms, such as chest pain, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, etc.

2. Acid Reflux 

GERD stands for Gastroesophageal reflux disease, and it occurs when your muscle gets connected to the esophagus or your food pipe to the stomach. Weak muscles make the food go to the throat, or sometimes you feel it in your mouth. Stomach acid also can rise into your throat.

Heartburn is a common sign of GERD, and you can experience some other symptoms, too. For example, chest pain, burning sensation in the throat, nausea, bad breath, etc.

People often go for some instant treatment, but healthy lifestyle choices can prevent you from having GERD.

3. Strep Throat 

Strep throat comes with different signs, such as fever, pain, etc. and throat burning is also one of them. Experts reveal that strep throat is a bacterial infection that leads to a burning throat sensation. Nausea and swollen tonsils are also signs of strep throat that cause uncomfortable conditions.

4. Tonsillitis 

Tonsils get swollen by the infection, and this is known as tonsillitis. They are the tissues’ slumps at the back of the throat that fight against bacteria and viruses. This infection causes various conditions, such as tiredness, earache, pain in the throat, swollen tonsils, fever, headaches, difficulty swallowing, etc.

It usually goes away within one to two weeks. Intake of fluids and quality sleep can help to reduce the symptoms.

5. Mono 

Mono is also known as infectious mononucleosis, which is a contagious viral infection. It is common in young adults and teens. It takes four to six weeks to develop the symptoms of the mono that comes with a painful and burning throat.

An analysis revealed that it spreads very quickly, and it is suggested to not share foods or anything with the affected person.

6. Burning mouth syndrome 

Experts say that it is a pain disorder that causes a burning feeling around the mouth. Dry mouth and strange taste can be the other symptoms that you may experience. As a result, it affects your lips, roof of the mouth, and tongue. Doctors suggest sucking some ice chips or chewing gum to manage the discomfort. People should avoid alcohol, tobacco, and acidic foods during burning mouth syndrome.

Home remedies for burning throat

A sore feeling can make it painful to swallow the food. But you can manage it with some effective home remedies.

  • A runny nose and sweating lead to a lack of fluid loss. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and other fluids. Water flushes out all the toxic elements of the body and fights off viruses and bacteria.
  • A mixture of lemon, water, and honey is the perfect way to soothe your throat as it will help you to not become dry.
  • Warm feelings reduce the soreness and soothe the pain. Experts also say that heat relaxes muscles that make you calm and comfortable. You can wrap a scarf around your neck or drink warm water.
  • Quality sleep is the must to soothe the burning throat.
  • Moisture your air with a cool-mist humidifier.
  • Throat lozenge is also a good practice to prevent the progress of throat burning.

Final Thought 

Burning throat never comes alone as it can cause various symptoms, such as breathing difficulty, rash, a lump in the neck, high fever, etc. You need to visit your doctor If you experience such symptoms.

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