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5 Best WordPress Search Plugin 2021

by Melanie Peterson

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most well-rounded content management systems of recent times. However, there are still some flaws in this platform that needs improvement. The search functionality WordPress website is not very usable. The default WordPress search engine returns irrelevant content to the majority of the search request. Moreover, users do not have the option of querying their search using a specific keyword for categories. It lacks compatibility of custom post type, taxonomies, and custom fields.

Luckily we have several wordpress plugin development to improve search functionality on the website.  Search plug-ins help improve the WordPress default search engine to find more relevant content from their search request. Visitors can now appropriate data more quickly, which in turn reduces bounce rate and increase organic traffic.

The abundance of WordPress plug-ins in the market makes the task of choosing one quite tricky. This article talks about the best WordPress plug-ins for improving the search capability of a website.


It is one of the most preferred WordPress search plug-ins available in both free and premium versions. It provides relevant and comprehensive search results along with Google-style search suggestions.

Feature List

  • It creates its search index
  • Automatically adjust weighing title, comments, and tags to determine relevant content
  • A highlight search query in the search result
  • Compatible with native WordPress search function
  • Allow visitor use AND OR type query
  • Automatically direct keyword searches to specific pages
  • It works similarly to WordPress search so that one does not require integrating any special search box. However, one needs to go through man multiple settings in the setup stage.

One of the drawbacks of Relevanssi is its performance. According to developers, it uses a lot of data, especially for repository websites. It affects the performance of a webpage running on low-powered hosting.


Search WP is the most widely used WordPress search plug-in. However, it is only available in the premium version, but wordpress plugin development helps find relevant search results.

Feature List

  • Compatible with native WordPress search functionality
  • Customization of the search algorithm
  • Keyword streaming for better search results
  • Automatically redirect search phrases to a specific page
  • Support of integrated search analytics
  • Content indexing from PDF, docs, and other text documents
  • Search WP also profile related content suggestions

Search WP uses a native WordPress search system that eliminates the need for an elaborate setup process. It uses a modular approach where the user can pick up specific extensions as per their preference. It also features customer interface configuration for search weighting. 

As mentioned before, Search WP is only available in the premium version. However, the availability of various premium features makes it worth the money.

Ajax Search Pro

The most notable feature of this search plug-in is it supports Ajax live search with WordPress. There are also some templates for enhancing their look of search results. It also comes with additional features like filters and custom post search.

Feature List

  • Unique search result template
  • Inclusion of Ajax live search to WordPress
  • Search media attachment like CSV doc PDF and more
  • Compatible with page builder plug-ins like WP bakery, visual composer, etc.
  • Automatically ads search filters in your search
  • Can generate its search index

Ajax search pro is available in two different formats. First, developers can use it as a replacement for the default theme search. It will change the search form’s styling, but there is no change to the front end appearance.

It is also available as a dedicated wicket or short code for displaying plug-in search. It is known as a limited version. Users can also choose to purchase the pro version that comes with standard Envato licensing.


Search functionality to a WordPress website. Faceted search is more like using filters similar to the ones used on E-Commerce platforms. FacetWP is a standalone plug-in, and developers prefer to integrate it with Search WP for the best results. 

Feature List

  • It creates its search index
  • Adds faceted search feature to WordPress websites
  • Creates facets like taxonomies, regular post data, and custom fields
  • It comes with 13 different filter types for advanced search
  • It can filter posts and features for better performance

FacetWP works similarly to a regular WordPress search box. It comes with a modular extension package allowing developers to choose features as per requirement. FacetWP is available only in the premium version priced at $99 per year.

Now comes the most crucial question, which is the best WordPress search plug-in for a website. In reality, there is no single plug-in that is appropriate for all users and websites. Anyone looking for a complete wordpress web development can consider the SearchWP that offers a mix of all available features.

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