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20 Things the Internet & Technology Has Killed or Ruined

by Melanie Peterson
With the advent of technology came gadgets followed by the grand entry of internet that helps in making connect among people. Bridging the gaps and making information cross borders in Nano Seconds; internet has now become an indispensable part of people’s lives. While many of us can count thousands of advantages that technology has to offer, there are many things that we as well as our forthcoming generation will miss. Listed below are some of these:

1. Punctuality – Everyone has experienced a situation wherein a friend would text in for coming 5 – 10 minutes late, which wasn’t the case earlier

2. Ceefax/Teletext –  New age sports fans miss listing down their favourite Ceefax pages

3. First Porn Purchase – When millions of porn videos trending online, the nervousness to ask for a dirty magazines or a Porn CD has vanished from the current scenery.

4. Telephone Directories – Many of us miss flipping pages through a heavy book to get a phone number.

5. Telegrams – They have taken away with them the charm of personal touch, replacing the entire scene into email printouts.

6. The lore of cat intelligence

7. Watches – Now we time in our mobiles

8. Music stores – Replaced by free downloading online in a jiffy

9. Letter writing – We find email quicken and more comfortable

10. Remembrance of birthdays, anniversaries

11. Mainstream media – Plug online

12. Dead time – It’s no more looking out the window and wondering what’s begin that sky

13. Keeping photo albums – We have them all over our mobiles and laptops

14. Dogging

15. Solitaire – Gaming consoles and play-stations are talk of the two

16. Lunch break – Time is now devoted to checking mobiles and surfing internet

17. Footnotes

18. Watching television with family

19. Remembering mobile numbers by heart

20. Privacy; technology has given out to many ways for invasion, it is like end of privacy.

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