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Spectrum Cable TV – Overview & Guide

by Melanie Peterson

A customer must purchase and install a qualifying Triple Play, or limited Double Play promotion to be eligible for the Contract Buyout Program.

Offers are not available in all regions. Only eligible customers with no Charter obligations are eligible for this offer.

The Early Termination Fee, which is not more than $500, will determine the payment amount. For Contract Buyout qualifications, go to spectrum.com/buyout.

Offer Details Limited time offer

Valid for qualified residential customers who haven’t subscribed to any service in the last 30 days but have not yet signed up for Charter. The Spectrum cable tv Internet promotion price for a year is $44.99/mo. Standard rates apply after year.

  1. The Spectrum TV Select promotion price starts at $44.99/mo. Standard rates will apply after yr
  2. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges (broadcast Surcharge up to $17.99/mo), are additional and subject to change during the promotional period.

Installation/network activation, equipment, and other services are also extra.

General Terms: INTERNET: Speed is based on wired connection. It may vary depending on the address. Wireless speeds can vary.

TV: You will need to have a TV, and charges may apply. Based on the level of service, channel and HD programming availability may vary.

To stream certain TV content online, you may need to have an account. All applicable service terms and conditions are subject to change. Services may not be available in all areas. There are restrictions. To determine availability, enter your address.

What channels are in Spectrum basic package?

Spectrum’s basic channels include the local networks ABC and CBS and NBC. There are also other public access channels or government channels such as C-SPAN, HSN and MeTV.

How to reduce your Spectrum bill

Get a lower rate by calling and asking for a negotiation.

Send your bill to a negotiator.

Eliminate unnecessary services Reduce equipment Fees.

Qualify to become a new client Switch to another internet provider

You may qualify for a subsidy for low-income people.

Spectrum TV equipment and fees

No matter which Spectrum TV package you select, there will be fees associated with it.

Broadcast fee prices range from $12.95 to $17.99/mo.

All packages include a Broadcast Fee, which can vary depending on the package. Unless you have the TV Stream, TV Choice, or TV Choice plans, your broadband fee will be $17.99 You will pay only $12.95 for these two plans. Although this fee may seem unfair, you can expect the same fee from any traditional TV provider.

HD Television box fee$8.99/mo. per device. Each TV that you wish to receive Spectrum HD TV service will require a Spectrum HDTV receiver.

DVR Fee: $4.99/mo. for one device, $9.99/mo. For two or more devices, $9.99/mo Although it’s not a large cost to use DVR service, you will need to plan your recordings carefully as you can only record one show at a time. However, you have the option of passing on the DVR service. This fee is the only one that you can avoid.

Installation feeSelf-installation: $9.99, professional installation: $49.99 Self-installation costs include the cost of the cable modem you require. It’s easy to self-install, so if it’s possible, save $40 on your upfront costs.

Price increases after the promo period: Your promotional period with Spectrum will expire after 12 months and your Spectrum bill may go up to $35/mo. Your TV bill will increase by $25 per month. Your phone bill will go up by $10 per month if you have one.

Late payment fees: $8.95 per late payment. This fee will not be applied to your account until 30 days after the original payment date.

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