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Are the Top Website Builders Actually Worth It?

by Melanie Peterson

Using a website builder may seem like the right choice when you take a quick look at the popularity of them today. However, once you take a deeper look into them, you may start to change your mind. Thus, leaving you wondering, are the top website builders worth using?

Are They Actually Customizable?

Many of the top website builders claim to be more customizable than their competitors. They boast how many templates they have. What they don’t tell you is that even with over a hundred templates, your site is still going to look just like thousands of other people’s sites.

Since they have so many people use their services, there is literally no chance that your site won’t be identical to someone else’s. This is not just due to the limited templates, but also the limited ways to place buttons and words into the different types of templates.

How About SEO Optimization?

Another thing website builders do is hype up their SEO features. Unless you know how to use those features, they are worthless to you. You need someone like a website developer to custom code a site that is perfectly SEO optimized if you want your site to rank high on search engines.

Even if you know how to use their features though, it doesn’t make up for the fact that the site your building won’t be SEO optimized within its code. Search engines hate templates, meaning you could perfectly SEO optimize your content but still not rank well.

How About Ease of Use?

Website builders have to be super easy to use right? Well, that’s what they want you to believe.

Every builder has its own learning curve to overcome while you’re using their services. Depending on your technical skills, this could take you a day or even weeks to figure out. Even then, you likely are not going to build yourself a well performing site if you don’t know anything about building websites.

Don’t Use A Website Builder

At the end of the day, website builders fall short in even the categories they claim to succeed in. If you want a well performing, professional website for your business, it will need to be coded from scratch. Only then can you assure your site will aid the growth of your business.

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