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Use of Technology to Fight Coronavirus

by Melanie Peterson

Can technology help us in our global fight against the deadly coronavirus? With the coronavirus pandemic spreading uncontrollably across nations, technological initiatives and applications are growing at lightning speed to try and bring the situation under control and treat patients more effectively, facilitate efforts of healthcare professionals, and also develop new vaccines.

Now, everyone including the global organizations, state authorities, epidemic disease controllers and even the quarantined or those maintaining social distancing want to have access to better information. So, a wide range of surveillance technologies and digital information has been unleashed to collect relevant data to enable public decision making. This is why a Gearbest coupon is much needed at this time because it can help you enjoy such devices at much lower costs.

How Is Technology Being Used to Fight War Against the Coronavirus?

While robots, drones with camera, and artificial intelligence are used for tracking the disease and enforcing restrictive measures, scientists are engaged in gene editing, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology to test new vaccines and treatments. Blockchain applications are tracking contagion, upholding medical supply chains, and managing insurance payments, while 3D printing is allowing governments and hospitals to cater to needs of medical hardware everywhere.

  • Location Tracking: This is a technology that has been used by most states to track the whereabouts of people through location information that is available through phones. This has been useful in identifying places where a COVID-19 infected individual went before he was quarantined, how many got close to this patient at that time, etc. This has been adopted by nations like Israel which has allowed its internal security to access citizen data for a 30 day-period and by countries like China, Taiwan, and South Korea. A UK startup has also launched an app so that individuals can report symptoms called the C-19 Covid Symptom Tracker. Both India and Singapore have followed in these countries’ footsteps.
  • Telemedicine: This technology has been used by the larger US hospitals for safely screening and treating patients remotely. For instance, Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center established a virtual medical line for testing patients remotely.
  • Autonomous Vehicles/Drones: These are useful for delivering essential goods like food and medicines. For instance, SF Express, China’s largest courier company has been transporting medical supplies to Wuhan hospitals. Drones have been used for patrolling public places, for tracking people who have not been complying with quarantine measures and for thermal imaging purposes.
  • Virtual Biometrics: Iris and facial recognition solutions have been integrated with infra-red thermometers for screening purposes.
  • AI: Artificial intelligence is helping out in diagnosis and development of a possible cure for this virus. Many Chinese hospitals are deploying AI software to scan through patient CT images to identify infections. Supercomputers from various big technical firms like Huawei and Tencent are now being used for accelerating the development of a vaccine.
  • Smart Imaging: To enable contactless detection China has been using AI-powered thermal cameras for identifying individuals having fever in a crowd. Efforts are on to identify people not wearing masks by deploying facial recognition.
  • Robots: In early-March, a ward completely manned by robots has been started in a Wuhan hospital. The robots offer drugs and foods to patients, take their temperatures, and even disinfect the ward. Singapore has been using robots to clean hospital facilities; this eliminates the risk of infection for healthcare workers.
  • CCTVs: Reviewing CCTV footage from places where the infected have visited can be one of the best ways used by local administrators to track down others that could have been infected. Even South Korea and Singapore have used CCTVs for contact-tracing.

These are only some of the ways in which technology has been extensively used by different nations to battle the pandemic. So, get yourself the latest tech devices and surveillance tools at discounted rates with coupons from Don’tPayAll.

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