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Tips to Create an Event Application like Yplan or Eventbrite

by Melanie Peterson
Entertainment is always people’s want. It is the only thing that keeps the mind refreshed from the busy work schedules in today’s hurry world. Hanging out with favorite ones together at weekends or organizing a stag do in Romania for your best friend is important of refreshment. A perfect application specially built for the event planning can be a grand success. Nowadays, the demand is growing high among the people for such kind of applications. Customizing these applications will further take you near to the victory.

The emergence of a variety of event planning apps

The types and the number of event planning apps are increasing by large factor day by day. According to a recent Market Research Report, the growth of the market is over $1 billion. That too in the US alone it won around $4 billion business. There are several categories available under this type of app development. It varies according to the target group, features, and other technical implementation. Let’s go through all the types with the example.

Songkick – This app was developed with an intention to connect all the concert-goers together and get them closer to their favorite bands and artists. The app is featured with the ability to find the location where the favorite groups of the user are playing and automatically notifies the user if they are arriving for a concert to a location near them. It also has the additional feature of sending a direct link for booking tickets. Artists and the managers can also utilize this app for adding their upcoming events and allow their fans to know it prior.

Bandsintown – This is also an app similar to the previous one letting the users stay aware of their artists’ programs so, that they will never miss out any concert. Tracking the bands and the singers is also possible with this app. artists can also get suggestions from their fans via the app.

Eventbrite – Eventbrite is a leader in this field. It allows the viewers to find all the events across the globe and buy tickets at any instant. It also comes handy with several features that allow the user to organize the events and buy tickets through the online platform.

These are just a few samples of the event planning application. Apart from the concert events; social events, work events, business meets, conferences and lot more can be addressed via the new applications. To grow one of them, there are some simple tips that you must remember while developing a similar application.

What an ideal app must comprise? 

Electronic ticketing is the basic idea behind all these apps. In order to be a successful app it must multiplatform; available on mobile as well as the compatible with iOS and Android. Building in standout features is also an important part of app development. Here are some ideas that you can implement while developing your own app.

Simplify the registration process

Today UI and UX are playing a leading role in the application’s success. Hence the registration process should be much simplified one. The user must not face any complexity with the very first step. Provide them multiple options of signing up via phone numbers, email address or other social networks. So that it will allow sharing the events and promoting the brand easily. 

Be choosy in sharing event feed

Once the user logs in; showing up all the events available can be a total mess. It will lead them to frustration and let them search for a new application. In order to avoid this discomfort, it is important that you add-on the APIs. This lets the app to play, suggest and organize the events according to the user’s interest. As an added bonus, it can also, aggregate, rank and personalize event information according to the user on a real-time basis according to their interest.

Make sure along with their preference and interest you also add up the location which is more prior one. Integrate the Geo-location API for iOS and Google Awareness API for Android that aids in finding the exciting events available around them.

Payment options

While choosing the payment options to be wiser and never compromise over the security. If there arise any issues regarding safety then the entire work may go in vain. Find the most used digital platform for the payment by your target group and add it to your app; integrating the famous third-party sites as Stripe, Braintree or PayPal is also much preferred.

Sometimes the user may need to make some alterations to their bookings, under such scenarios allow them to cancel orders. You can also refund the amount along with a confirmation mail to create a good impression over the application.

Ticket rendering

QR code over the electronic ticket is the recent trend nowadays. You can refer the Eventbrite as your ultimate guide to build one such feature to your app. It also eases the job of the checkers to find the attendees of the event. They can get all the information by scanning the code. So, the need for taking print out of the ticket is eliminated.

Instant notifications

People are so busy these days even forgetting their most favorite events booked. Hence, it will be much responsive if you sent a reminder regarding the event booked through push notifications.
To further fortify your app’s success consider these factors.

Effective promotion

Allow the users to learn more about the application and talk them via the social platform. Connect in all possible ways with the customer. The better the reach among the customers more will be the profit growth.

Round the clock support

Whenever the user needs to support your service must be ready. Else, the customer will feel disappointed and avoid using the app next time.

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