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The Practicality of A Laptop

by Melanie Peterson

Most laptops are for surfing the Internet and the needs of work or life. Therefore, for consumers to choose laptop, cost performance is important. The HUAWEI HONOR series laptop is of high cost performance and innovation. It is becoming the preferred brand for British users. So what are the practical functions worth mentioning when buying HONOR Laptops in UK? 

HONOR MagicBook 15 PRO has added “high-energy mode” for the first time. It can be quickly opened through Fn + P combination keys. After opening, the system will embody the capabilities of CPU and GPU to the greatest extent. It brings more extreme performance to users.

It can meet the needs of some users for high performance in special scenes. It allows laptops to perfectly release the capabilities of processors and graphics cards. 

For users, one of the greatest values of laptops is to improve our work efficiency. HONOR MagicBook 15 Pro, the gene of light and thin productivity, with the AMD series processors, has a very good expressive force. 

For traditional laptop, if we want to import the content of the mobile phone into the computer, we choose to use the data cable or some social software for transmission. 

This laptop does not need to carry a data cable or use social software. It can transmit photos or videos on the mobile phone to the computer through a touch transmission function. The whole operation is simple. 

Another practical function is multi-screen coordination. Through this function, the mobile phone screen is completely mapped to the laptop end. The mobile phone can be controlled by using the laptop. Whether chatting on Twitter, brushing Facebook or sending and receiving short messages, the mobile phone can be operated on the computer. 

And more importantly, through this function, we can transmit files to each other, which is convenient! 


In terms of endurance, it has a 42Wh battery and a 65W USB-C power adapter. 

In terms of fast charging, it takes 15 minutes to charge from 0 to 30%, 30 minutes to charge 52%, and 1 hour to replenish 86% of the computer’s electricity. It takes 87 minutes to charge the whole battery. 

This 65W fast charging head, weighing only about 160 g, is more convenient to carry. It can supplement the power for laptops. It can charge smart phones with USB Type-C interface. It can be used for multiple purposes. It is enough to wear it when going out! 

HONOR MagicBook 15 PRO has simple appearance and narrow-sided display screen with high screen proportion. It has the best appearance at the same price. 

With the AMD Ryzen 4600U, it is enough to cope with almost all the scenes under the office. If you play games and edit videos occasionally, there is no pressure! 


A practical and convenient computer will enhance the experience and efficiency in daily life and office work. After reading this passage, do you want to buy HONOR Laptops in UK?

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