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How to Remove Malware from Your Windows Computer Using Avast

by Melanie Peterson
Malicious Software also known as Malware are very harmful for the computer they make the operating system vulnerable and ruin the entire files and registry. Malware is a kind of application or you can say software which used to entered in the system secretly and damaged the system. They entered in the system without even knowing the user. Malware used to get into the system from behind along with some new software or utility installed on your computer. And they most of the time gets access of your computer when you are surfing the internet or may be checking your emails. Apart from this there are few common reasons to as well to get your computer affected by malware like if you are installing some software, downloading and installing some free subscriptions, may be you have opened some affected or hacked websites, while playing online games, installing some add-ons or extensions and it can get access via anything which you install or download from the web. That is the reason you have to install any anti-malware software on your computer. Malware can be of many types like spyware, viruses, ransomware, browser hijackers also comes under this, and Trojan horses are also one of them which are very harmful for your computer, worms and phishing etc.

How to Remove Malware from Your Windows Computer Using Avast

After knowing about the malware and its types it is equally important to know that how you will recognise that your computer is affected by the malware or not. To identify whether you computer is compromised by malware or not there are few points to check and some symptoms of your computer you can recognise when it is affected. Please have a look on the following symptoms:

  1. When you computer started running slower than usual then it can be because of malware on your computer.
  2. When suddenly Pop-ups started coming on your computer then it means that you computer is infected by malware
  3. When your browser started crashing every now and then and you have to reinstall it again and again then it can be caused by the malware existence on your computer.
  4. When ads pop-ups coming on your screen then it can also be due to malware on your computer.

Once you are sure and confirm that your computer is infected by the malware then you must need to remove this immediately to make your computer safe and secure. The infected computer from malware can compromise your security, and you can lose your essential data as well. These are the programs made by hackers and installed on your computer secretly to hack your private information and misuse it so it can be very dangerous for you, keep and ignore such a harmful files on your device. So as soon as you get to know it is infected try to remove it ASAP. Here are some tips on how to remove malware from your computer:

Method 1:

  1. Start your computer in SAFE MODE. 
  2. Clean the computer. In safe mode computer works with minimum functionality and malware and spyware doesn’t works effectively and can be cleaned easily and quickly.
  3. Just restart your computer again.

Method 2:

  1. Malware Removal Tool: You must use some malware removal tool which you can find with any antivirus or anti-malware software.
  2. Go to the Avast official website and download Avast Software and Install on your computer. Avast has very good anti-malware protection, and you can use it quite easily as its very easy to follow steps to install it on your computer. This is the best way to get rid of malware from your computer.
  3. Avast is best in the business to get rid of this malware issue and it has very good product with the name Avast Virus Chest which used to prevent your systems from all the viruses and malware. It also has the ability to even isolate the infected file from your working files if in case it is not getting deleted by the software. It makes sure that even if it on your hard disk but still it can not affect the other files.

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Apart from this also, AVAST is having other excellent product which you can be aware of either by visiting Avast website. Apart from this if you are facing any problem related to the Avast products then comment here for fast troubleshooting and solution.

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