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How to Get Bigger Forearms with a Few Simple Exercises

by Melanie Peterson

Bigger arms with firmer grip are everyone’s dream, but

How do you get this?

You can achieve this by doing some simple exercises.

Let’s discuss one by one

Stay with us to see a difference in your grip within 3 months.

Some of the Simple exercises that will help you increase grip strength

Farmer’s Carry

It is a very effective exercise to improve your grip strength and get a powerful forearm. It also helps you to strengthen your core and develop adequate shoulder stability.

How to Get Bigger Forearms with a Few Simple Exercises

How to do this:

Hold a heavy kettlebell or rather a dumbbell with both hands on each side, and stand straight. Then initiate movement by walking straight. Hold your abs tightly, keep your chest elevated and pull your shoulders back all the time. You can do farmer’s carry to warm up your forearm and core muscles, it is not only a good warm up exercise but also a great way to increase entire body stability. To get better results, do this 2 to 3 sets for a maximum of 25 yards.

Dumbbell exercises

It is a great exercise to stimulate all the small muscles of your finger and thumb. Dumbbell exercises consist of wrist curl, wrist flexion, wrist extension, and reverse bicep curl. All these exercises help you to target all the muscles of your forearms and fingers.

Wrist flexion: Just sit on a bench, then hold your forearms on your leg, palm must be facing upward. The flat portion of the wrist must be held on to the kneecap. Then grab a pair of dumbbells, then just uplift the wrist, thereby squeeze. It is a great exercise for toning up the entire forearm muscles.

Wrist extension: Do this exercise as mentioned above, here you only have to keep your palm facing downward. Gradually lift your wrist up and squeeze afterward. The reverse wrist curl is a great workout for the forearm extensor.

Reverse biceps curl: do a basic bicep curl however with the upper portion of your hand , even your wrist should be facing at above. Reverse biceps curl is essential for elbow flexion.

Towel pull ups

Pull up is a great exercise to develop strong grip along with thick arms. It can be done with a towel if you do not have pull-up or any other options. Don’t worry the exercise is not going to be very tough. It is not rocket science. You just have to crush your towel by keeping your hands up and squeeze them even more tightly to make you pull yourself up. Start with less counts then gradually increase.

Just take two towels and wrap around the pullup bar. Then hold a towel with a firm hand, then perform pull ups. Hold your chest up and push your shoulder down to get a good stretch. If you feel it is difficult, then start with a simple option like grabbing a towel in one hand and grab the pull-up bar with another hand; Again, do the process with reverse hands.

Plate Curls

Plate curls are highly dedicated to strengthening fingers, so that you can pinch a object properly. You have to pinch a plate by holding a .5-1 mm depth weight plate.

If someone is unable to do bicep curls with a dumbbell, then pinch curls are the best alternative for him. Take a plate and grab it by its end point. Do this 5-6 set with 4-8 reps. If you can do this, then increase the difficulty level by using heavier plates.

Pinch carries

Pinch carries just stimulate your forearm by exerting your squeezing power with your fingers so the plate isn’t able to get separated. You must have to pinch two plates without getting slipped.

How to do this:

Take two plates and pinch them all together until the smooth side is out. You can do this with both hands. Stand straight as much as you can, then gradually tighten the core and walk. To get an effective result, do 2-3 sets for 15-20 yards.

Towel Curl

Take a thick towel and loop it around the barbell. Please make sure that you can completely close your hands while grasping it. Hold a bar with your hand at shoulder width. Then next place the bar besides your thighs. Do not move your upper arm forward and thereafter gradually curl the bar. You have to decrease your reputation along each set, therefore include more load with each progress.

Grip Crusher

It is different from previous exercises. Here you need to engage all of your forearms and along with lots of the muscles of your fingers. Here the grip crusher isolates your forearm as well as grip in a perfect way. It is considered as a great hand therapy exercise. To do this, just take a hand grip crusher and squeeze it until the end point of two handles touches with each other. It is a great warmup exercise for hand muscles. Do it with easier resistance initially then gradually increase the resistance level. Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes for better results.

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