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8 Best Sites like Gomovies

by Melanie Peterson
Movies and TV shows are the best sources of entertainment and people can watch them through cable connection on their television. Many websites are also there that provide these movies and TV shows free of cost and people can watch them with few or no ads. A free anime streaming website lets the users watch anime without paying a penny. One such website is GoMovies which user can use stream and watch movies. It has a huge library and a large customer base. Due to this, the website was closed. Users also faced problems while downloading movies. There are some websites that are alternatives to GoMovies, which are described here.

8 Best Sites like Gomovies

OpenLoad Free TV

This website has a lot of movies and TV shows which people can find on the homepage. There are tools available here which users can use to sort the movies according to genre and release date. Users can also connect to Netflix as the website has a separate category for that. Users can start streaming without making any payment or doing any registration. All these features made it a good alternative for GoMovies.


This is a popular platform where users can find free movies and TY Shows It has also become a target for getting banned so it frequently changes its domain. The website consists of a variety of content and besides movies and TV shows, users can also see anime, cartoons, and Asian dramas. Users can operate the website easily as the interface is very simple. No registration is required for streaming movies and TV shows.


This is a website, which provides the facility of watching the หนังออนไลน์ without paying any money. Besides movies, users can also find TV shows with attest episodes. If a new TV shows launched, that is also available as the website us updated regularly with new movies and TV shows. One of its features is that the content is available on third party servers and all of them are mirrored. So if one server is down, users will not face any problem to find the movies and TV shows.


This is a website, which has a huge library of movies and TV shows. Users have the option of seeing the list at a glance or they can sort them on the basis of genre or year. The website also has a Featured option with which they can find latest and popular movies for streaming. A Reddit account of AZMovies is also available through which users get updated about the latest releases. It may not be a popular website but is a great option when other options are not available.


This website consists of a huge library of movies and TV shows> Users will find movies and TV shows of all genre. The specific sections of the website provide an arrangement of movies in alphabetical order. Another feature is that the website has content belonging to many countries so people can enjoy movies and TV shows accordingly.


This is one of the best alternatives to GoMovies and users can find movies and TV shows online. The website has a huge library where people can find all their favorite shows and movies. Users have to register on this website in order to use all its features. The website also has social media plugins, which users can use to share the links of the movies.


This website has a huge library of movies and people can search them in the search bar available on the top. The movies are categorized on the basis of genre, rating, and year. Users can find the latest movies here as the website is regularly updated. Users need to create an account so that they can enjoy the features.


This is a website where users can find all the content for free. There is a large database where users can find a lot of movies and TV shows. That is the reason is considered as the most popular alternatives to GoMovies.

Final Verdict

These are some of the best alternatives for GoMovies where users can find a huge library for movies and TV shows. Some websites require registration while most of them do not. Users can navigate to the website and start streaming the video they search.

Apart from this, you can ดูหนังฟรีออนไลน์ anytime

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