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Some Graphic Designing Trends to Look For In 2020

by Melanie Peterson
Graphic designing has taken the world by storm from the time it secured its position in web designing. Today, every captivating display is possible due to the latest trends in graphic design. Whether it is some logo, video, and banner, graphic design plays a significant role in all such visual content. A graphic designing agency makes use of all of them for digital marketing. Many graphic designing services have emerged today due to huge demand. If you are from India, you can find the best graphic designing services in Noida. Numerous graphic designing trends are available today. In this article, we will look at some of these trends.

Graphic Designing Trends To Look For In 2020

1. Street Art Styles

Street Art is one of the astonishing graphic designing trends to look for this year. Street art has an advantage over other graphics because it possesses a retro charm. This type of graphic design is the best choice for websites associated with hobbies and sports activities. Book covers also use street art styles.

2. CyberPunk Color Schemes

This graphic design trend has come up with bolder and brighter colors. CyberPunk schemes have allowed websites to stand out of the crowd through their astonishing and insane design layouts. CyberPunk is also one of the futuristic themes because of its neon-infused color filling capability.

3. Intensifying Minimalism

 It is most relevant in the line of digital marketing. The trend has the ability to display images that say a lot with a few expressions. The trend is based on flat design, which makes it a good choice for UX development. Also, it is used for plain and straightforward presentation in all social media banners for advertisement.

4. Abstract 3D

It is a graphic designing trend that makes the most out of 3D rendering technology. A mesmerizing bubble pattern and lava lamp are some results of the Abstract 3D trend. Abstract 3D uses a combination of bright and vibrant colors with abstract compositions and images to enhance the visual effect.

5. Enhanced GIFs

GIFs have always played an important role in web design and social media promotion. Today is a trend for GIFs that allow fast and unusual responses at some of the well-known events. The dynamic use and storytelling capabilities of GIFs have increased on a large scale. Thus, a few GIFs would be enough to describe the whole story.

6. Graphical Disruption Trends

As it’s clear from its name, this trend disrupts graphics to create some stunning visual effects. Graphic disruption became popular in 2019, and they are getting more and more attention from that time. Just like intensifying minimalism and enhanced GIFs, graphical disruption trends are being used for social media promotions.

7. Graphics For Insta Perfection

Instagram is a platform that consists of some of the perfect selfie images. The insta perfection graphics are used as layouts and addons to filter almost all the images. Instagram makes the most use of these graphic trends because of their clarity.

8. Organic Design Trends

Organic design trends are mostly used for cans and packaging designs. The look and feel of this design are natural and organic. Some companies that have already used this trend are Adidas, Nike, and Uber. Also, some banks have taken the help of this trend for their logo design.

9. Intrigue Graphic Trends 

These graphic trends are used for typographies that are adaptive. Intrigue trends became popular in 2019 when they were used in bespoke glyphs and disordered typesetting. Just like organic trends, these trends are also getting popular among various brands. Moreover, social media platforms are using these trends for advertisement purposes.

10. Graphics Based On Sustainability

Nowadays, the majority of companies are using graphics that could bring positive changes in people’s life. The adverse impacts of pollution and sustainability have given rise to such themes. Thus, sustainability themes are used to portray images that could be related to environmental issues.

11. Graphic Designs Dependant On The Device

Generally, these trends are used for website design. Today, as more and more people are using smartphones for browsing the internet, graphic designs have also changed, and they are now adjusting themselves according to the screen sizes. Device-based graphics mostly use CSS(Cascading Style Sheet), Bootstrap and JSON, which are the essential components of web development.

Final Thoughts

Graphic design will always play an important role in digital marketing. In this article, we have seen some popular graphic designing trends for this year. If you have a team of best graphic designers, you will certainly see your business getting successful. Today, several innovative trends are emerging, leaving the users in surprise. These trends are the work of some of the best minds all around the world. The field of graphic design is all about change, and we could expect more innovations that could leave us in more wonders.

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