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Diane Juster Net Worth

by Melanie Peterson

Diane Juster is a singer, songwriter, performer, and pianist from Canada. She has a $4 million net worth. Diane Juster has a strong background in classical music. In 1971, Stéphane Venne encouraged her to start writing her own music, which she did.

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In 1973, she decided to start making music. She wrote several hits for Julie Arel, such as “When you leave”, “Soleil, Soleil”, “Aimer pour Vivre” (with lyrics by Francoise Hayward), and “Qu is happening to me?” The next year, in 1974, Diane decided to sing her own songs.

How was Diane’s Early Life?

Diane Juster’s real name is Diane Rivet, but she was born on March 15, 1946, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is now 76 years old. Juster’s first album, “Mélancolie,” was a big hit. It has a lot of classic Quebec songs on it, including the well-known song “Ce matin,” which was later covered by several Francophone artists, including Marie Denise Pelletier, in 1991. The songs “My house, it’s an island,” “My love, my lover,” and “Vive Les roses,” which was her big hit, are also included on Diane Juster’s debut album.

Do You Know About the Songs of Diane?

Diane Juster kept putting out albums after that, but her first love was writing songs for other artists, like the singer Emmanuelle, for whom she wrote “J’ai le Coeur d’Or vagabonde” in 1978, and her friend Ginette Reno, for whom she wrote many hits, including “I am only a song,” which was a huge hit in 1979. (400,000 copies sold). Diane also wrote the songs “J’aifaut de parler” and “Une femme sentimental” for Ginette Reno in 1984. The lyrics were written by Luc Plamondon.

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“I Need to Talk”

Diane Juster picked up her song “I Need to Talk” again three years later, in 1987. Her album from that year was even called “I Need to Talk.” 1987 was also a good year for the artist, with hits like “I didn’t know how to keep anything” and “Crazy Love”.

“Les Yeux de la famine”

In 1985, she sang in the group project “Les Yeux de la famine” for the Quebec-Africa Foundation to help Ethiopia, which was hard hit by famine. She was one of a number of Quebec artists who did this.

How did Diane Establish herself in Music Industry?

In 1975, Diane Juster made her stage debut at the Patriote de Montréal. Ten years later, she recorded a duet with Charles Dumont called “La musique” A few years later, in 1987, Juster was able to establish herself in Paris by performing with the same group at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées. The following year, in 1988, she went back.

What is the motive of SODRAC?

The Quebec Professional Society of Authors and Composers, or SPACQ, was started by Diane Juster and Luc Plamondon. The artist started fighting for authors’ rights in 1983 through SODRAC, of which she served as president in 1998. SODRAC is the Society for the Collection of Reproduction Rights.

Diane’s Work Experience

Diane Juster still works with authors like Luc Plamondon, Eddy Marnay, Francoise Hayward, and Norman Racicot. She also writes music for artists like Mario Pelchat, Johanne Blouin, Robert Charlebois, and Céline Dion. Diane Juster’s songs are also sung by the Dalida singers and Danielle Oddera.

How much Money does Diane Juster have?

It is thought that Diane Juster has a net worth of about $4 million. Her main way to make money is as a singer, songwriter, performer, and pianist. She is one of Canada’s best-known and wealthiest singers. The great things she has done in her career have given her a luxurious lifestyle and trips in nice cars. She is attractive because she is 1.68m tall and has a good weight for her personality.

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